Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesse

Saturday afternoon around 2pm we went to celebrate our friend Jesse turning 4! I still can't believe he is 4!! 

His party had a football theme and his mom did an amazing job decorating! Tailgate food and yummy birthday cake. 

Mike and I played a game of cornhole and I lost. BUT I want to say I sunk 3 bags in a row so regardless I was proud of myself! :)

The little guys played some football but after some tears it ended. The big boys however played quite a bit of football. 

Dave said he needed this, male bonding at it's finest, am I right? 

They had a bounce house too and the kids had a blast. 

I had to leave early for my cousins baby shower but Dave and the kids stayed another 2 hours and had a blast. He didn't plan to stay that long but when you are having fun why stop? 

Thank you Ashley and Mike for inviting us to celebrate your sweet little man! 

Baby shower post next :) 

<3 Sara

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Ashley Newman said...

We are so glad you guys came and so thankful for our friendship with each of you!! We had a blast!!