Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas everyone!!

So I definitely thought these kids would have been up early and so ready to see what Santa brought and I was so wrong! Haha I woke up before 7 then Dave was up at almost 8 and had to wake the kids up. They were OUT, last night was too much fun. 

This is the tree with everything under it and the cookies, milk and carrots for Santa and the reindeer. 

Their initial reactions were that of a sleepy kid but they quickly started to show excitement with each gift they saw. 
This is before the living room looked like a tornado went through it. 

Logan got a call of duty game, ninja turtle stuff, nerf guns, a plane and other misc items like hats, candy and scarves. 
Alayna got barbie stuff galore, princesses, rings, sunglasses, hat and gloves and candy as well. 
Dave got a Nick Foles jersey which he LOVED. He got headphones like beats by dre but a lot cheaper :) a shirt, cologne, workout gloves, the new Transformers movie and some candy. 
Teddy got 2 special doggie cookies in his stocking! He ate them up and had a red beard from the icing! 
I got a picture frame that you can upload pics from the computer and it will scroll through. So cool!! 2 really cool shirts, a turtle sticker, makeup, boots and perfume! 

The living room was a MESS!! 
We took a few more pictures then ate breakfast, got baths and played with our new toys. 

I will be heading to my house soon and Dave will take the kids back to their mom and meet me later. The kids are going to flip because their grandparents came in town and they have no clue! 

A very special Christmas so far and it just began. I can't wait to spend the rest of the day with my family!! 

<3 Sara

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