Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Party time

On Monday my work had our Command "holiday party" aka a Christmas Party! 

They had a fun photobooth that Dave and I took advantage of, catered food, desserts made by co-workers and lots of music and prizes. 
I also enjoyed getting to spend some time at work with Dave. Normally we have lunch together if we can and sometimes randomly stop in to say hey! 
The theme was hawaiian so they had some random decor and the host called himself the "cruise director" haha
This cake won the dessert contest and it was amazing, red velvet cake! Whomever made it did a great job! 
The music was so good too! These guys play around town at festivals so you know they were good. The guy to the far right is my old bossman and Daves current co-worker, he has an amazing voice! 

Unfortunately we didn't win any prizes but my aunt did and she wasn't even there. Lucky lady!! 

More Christmas parties to come, tonight in fact! Therefore more party posts ;)

<3 Sara

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