Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

I have really enjoyed Christmas Eve this year. I worked until 1130, got an hr workout done then headed home to relax for a little bit. I did get a little sick from dinner but luckily that only lasted an hr or so. 

We headed to church for their Cheistmas Eve service and it was great. 

Pastor Chris always does such a great sermon. I love my church! Mom, Dad, Shannon, Lola and Izzy also joined us. :)

We went to my parents house after for them to give the kiddos their gifts since they go to their mom tomorrow around noon. 
They loved all their gifts and they got a little spoiled! My favorite is Logans reaction to each gift, he gets SO excited!! 
Me and my boy <3 
See his face, priceless!! 

She loved all her gifts too bur I am thinking the baby Koala is her favorite. 
A great day and I know tomorrow will bring even more amazing memories and good times. 

<3 Sara

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