Monday, January 31, 2011


I just bought THIS cute little lovie for my friend Norrissia! I know she is just going to LOVE it for Nevaeh when she gets here. The shower is on Saturday so I am sure it won't arrive on time but that's ok. She can get it later not a big deal! I love all the stuff The MonogramChick has in her shop. You should go check it out here.

<3 Sara

Hodge Podge

I was looking through my phone last night and decided to do a random hodge podge blog with cell phone pictures. I picked out my favorite ones to post on here. When it comes to my cell phone that is normally where I take my random spur of the moment pictures. For some reason I find it so hard to get my camera out of my purse haha. Yes I admit that is just a tad bit lazy..

So here ya go...

Izzy playing with one of the bath foam letters she stole out of the bathroom.
Ok this stuff is absolutely AMAZING! It is a pre-workout drink you put a scoop in your water like 30 mins before you plan to work out. By the time you get to the gym or wherever it is you work out your body will seem "itchy" BUT that is normal lol. It makes your workouts way more intense you have drive, focus, ENERGY! I normally don't run but when I take this I have no choice but to run! haha It MAKES me run.
Me and my little Kodeman chilling on the couch this past weekend!
He was growling at me which apparently is "playing" since he is wagging his tale while sounding like he wants to eat me.
Random me at work! Without the earphones in my ear I would DIE at work.
Ooops meant to straighten this one up! BUT if you remember from my last post about Forever 21 this is the awesome shirt I bought in Dallas for less than $20. Its black and blue stripes and it falls very nicely. It is not a tight shirt by anymeans.
Random truck I took a picture of. I thought the color was awesome just don't mind the flat tires ;)
Ok this is one thing I LOVE about tax season. The dancing Statues of Liberty that are almost on every corner it seems. Some of them are lame but then some like this guy are AWESOME!! He waved at me like we had been best friends for life!
and lastly my AWESOME Ninja Turtles shirt!!! I got this at Rue 21 a couple of weeks ago for like $8 and I love it! It is definitely cheaply made but hey its a t-shirt so its whatever!!

Hope you enjoyed my RANDOM cell phone pictures! I wanted to post them so I don't lose them on my phone. The way my blackberry has been acting lately I wouldn't be surprised if one day it just dies. I hate that stupid phone.

<3 Sara

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Owl Shirt

So I was overwhelmed with Forever 21! There was a TON of people and just not enough time. My friend Angel had to get home to cook dinner for her guys! So we didn't spend a ton of time which is fine. There were TOO many people for me! Anyways I got the one item I wanted the most. In fact I bought Shannon my sister one as well. This owl shirt and it was only like $13 which is not bad at all.

We also went to starbucks and a jewelry store where I got me a hello kitty necklace and an owl necklace which I love both of them! So freaking cute! Then I went to TJ Maxx with Shannon and the girls. Lola had a meltdown because she wanted jeans. She just can't fit them.... poor girl she was UPSET! I felt bad... but if you can't fit them then you just have to face reality. Tell that to a 4 year old...
Today has been a really great day and I get to end it seeing a new special someone! :) So freaking happy!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did.

<3 Sara

Forever 21

I must say I am SO freaking excited about today! It is a gorgeous almost 70 degrees here in Charleston and its bright and sunny outside. Did I just sound like a weather lady? lol In about an hour or so I am heading into Downtown Charleston with Angel and possibly Kelly my 2 BFFS to go have some starbucks and visit FOREVER 21!! I used to be to "fat" to be able to wear anything in this store but now I can fit most stuff. I do think their sizes run small for some reason.

Back in August when I went to Texas I went to this store and spent hardly any money. The great thing was I got 3 pairs of cute panties, 3 sets of earrings, and a really cute/nice shirt. Not a t-shirt like a legit nice shirt. Also I got some headbands and in total I might have spent $30. So I am way excited to see how much I can get today. I would like to maybe get some nicer shirts for work. I would love to be able to dress up well semi-dress up for work but it's hard considering my job can change from doing office work to delivering mail outside in a matter of seconds.

Maybe I will blog about my finds today!

Kelly just decided she is coming! YAY! Girls day downtown! :D I have seriously had the best weekend and I know it will end amazingly!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Love you all!

<3 Sara

Is it bad..

that I am already planning my 25th birthday....which happens to be 11 months away? I decided I wanted my 25th birthday to be a fun birthday. Since my bday is the very last day of the year it is hard to really be able to celebrate because everywhere is PACKED.

SO with that being said I have decided I want to take a cruise for my birthday. There is a 5 day cruise leaving from Charleston for like $300 which is NOT bad at all. Then there is a cruise leaving from Tampa I believe for about the same price. Oh decisions decisions....

I threw these guys in here just because I thought they were cute! I love penguins but I bet they are evil little guys! Maybe i'll go see some if I take a cruise to Alaska... in my dreams right?

random note... my dog is sleeping in my bed growling and crying.... I guess he is having a bad puppy dream! haha poor guy!

<3 Sara

Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. If you had $1,000 to donate to a charity, which would you choose?
Well I honestly do not know much about Charities but I think I would donate it to the SPCA. I love animals and that commercial with Sara McLaughlin (sp?) on tv makes me tear up everytime.

2. Snow days: Do you welcome them happily or are they a pain in your butt?
Living in South Carolina you do not get many snow days. So I welcome them happily but only for one day. Which is all the snow ever stays for anyways. But I do love snow but would hate to live in it all the time.

3. What talent did you wish you had and why?
I wish I had the talent to play a musical instrument. I have always had this little tiny wish to be able to play the drums.

4. Are you a news, politics or celebrity gossip junkie?
I used to be a celebrity gossip junkie. I would say I am not so much anymore however I still check every morning I am at work. Just to see whats up? But lately I have noticed every freaking celebrity is pregnant. So whatever you do DON'T DRINK THE WATER!

5. What is your favorite "cocktail"? (Are you a beer person, a kiddie cocktail junkie, or perhaps your more the "Cosmo" kind?! Anything flies...doesn't hafta be alcoholic!)
My favorite "cocktail" would either be a Cosmo or a Mai Tai. I LOVE Mimosas and Vodka Cranberry.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Visit with PaPa

Today was one of those days where you really didn't doo TOO much but it was awesome. I slept for 11 hours and woke up at noon. That's what happens when you wake up at 5:30am all work week. I woke up to Mom, Izzy, Lola and Shannon in my room. I probably would have slept a bit later. So I got up, got ready and went with Mom and Izzy to see our Papa. Her "big Papa" my Papa. She threw her hat off in the car on the way there so I put it on. That's why she is smiling because she is looking at Aunt Sara in a Panda hat.

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks!! Maybe it's just me but gosh I could eat her up!

Aunt Sara in the panda Hat

Izzy playing with a baby doll at Papa's "apartment". This doll is OLD we are not sure how old but I know my sisters and myself have played with this since we are little. That's at least 30 years right there.

Izzy with Papa

I jumped in for a picture. Too bad Izzy doesn't look too happy in this one.

So this is her after our exciting day out. After we went to see Papa we went to Costco to do a little bit of shopping. We were looking for Biofreeze for my back since it has been bothering me a bit lately. Back in September I had a Caudal Block for my back and that hurt SO bad. It hasn't really given me much problem since then up until like a week or 2 ago. So hopefully this stuff will help. The last thing I want is another Caudal block or a spinal block. No thank you!!! Back problems are definitely not fun and they make me feel like an old lady.

After I hung out with mom and Izzy I met up with my friends Jill and Will. They are married and Will is actually the brother of one of my ex's. It's funny I am still close with them considering I do not have anything to do with his brother. But I really like them and enjoy their company. We went to one of my absolute favorite places, Kicken Chicken. I got a woodchuck beer which was super yummy and for once LIKED another beer. I tried a Yuengling sp? on draft and it was actually quite tasty. So I may have to get that next time. After that, we went to Ye Ole Fashioned for some ice cream. Lots of good conversation and yumminess ended my Saturday on a great note. Hopefully I can hit the gym tomorrow and take it easy.

<3 Sara

Friday, January 21, 2011

A girl

can dream right? While I am sitting here procrastinating finding drawings and standards for my customers I am dreaming of Hawaii. Yes Hawaii. Have I ever been there? Nope, sure have not. But would I like to? Heck yes!!

In my dream I am sitting on the beach with a strawberry Dacquri I spelt that wrong... anywho I would be doing this after a long fun day of zip lining through the forests. haha Yes I said it was a dream! Now if only I could win the lottery and be able to REALLY do all of this!

Seriously, How much fun does this look like?? It's one of those things on the bucket list I have yet to make. BUT if I did make one it would be on there.

YUMMMMM maybe add some more whipped cream on the top of this and I would be in heaven!

Anyways back to the real world. I am currently at work rather sick of it. My luck it happens to be Friday. The perfect day to be sick of work. Am I right? Yes! haha Love answering my own questions. This week has been a short week seeing as we had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day. But seems the weeks that are short are the LONGEST ever! It probably doesn't help that I have been ridiculously busy. I have covered the mailcenter for 3 days, covered the switchboard 2 days and I have covered the front office. Yes I have been doing multiple jobs in one day which is annoying. Considering they have NOTHING to do with eachother. Oh did I mention I have done MY job too?? haha ok sorry venting for a second.

Anywho, Kelly and I went out last night for a bit of a blow off some steam dinner. We went to a place called The Mustard Seed it's one of Sals places. I think you could google Dine with Sal and find the list of restaraunts. They are AWESOME! Then we went to one of our favorite places VooDoo. Just for one drink it was nice we ended up sitting there for 2 hours almost. Gosh just got interrupted by the most annoying customer EVER. I shouldn't say that! haha

Tonight I am going out with my BFF Angel to a new place called Crave. I hope it's good. I have heard great things about it. Soooo we shall see. I have to get in as many "dates" as possible with her. She will be moving to St. louis for her husbands new job. Not sure when they are leaving though. Sad times but I will definitely be visiting her often. She even mentioned going up to Chicago when I go to visit. :)

Well it's time to officially get back to work. Happy Friday everyone!


<3 Sara

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Tonight for some reason I have New Years Resolutions on my mind. Figured I would blog about it to maybe be held more accountable. I decided this year my goals would be somewhat reasonable. I didn't make any I didn't think I couldn't do.

So my very first goal is honestly an on going thing since October. Working out. I want to make this MORE of a priority and try to do this everyday. Going to the gym is something I absolutely love to do but sometimes I let other things prevent me from going. Sometimes its just pure laziness. I actually printed out a picture to hang up at work of myself when I was bigger. I figure maybe if I am feeling lazy and not wanting to go I can look at that picture and it will help?? haha we shall see! The below picture is actually a picture of my gym! I love this place.

My second goal is to STOP SHOPPING!!! I do not need anything else. I have tons of clothes, shoes etc. The only reason to shop that I could see is losing more weight but right now I have kind of hit a plateua *sp?* so I haven't been changing sizes like I was at the beggining of this endeavor. The below picture is so fitting! So far this is actually working out. I even passed up a shopping trip to Myrtle Beach. That was hard but I couldn't do it. So if my calculations are right I SHOULD be able to put almost $300 in my bank account the next time I get paid. That is honestly really exciting for me! I just hope I can keep this up. Now I will allow myself to buy some items that I honestly need. But we shall see!! haha this will be harder than my workout goal when normal people would be the complete opposite.

My last goal is to try and smile more. This really applies mainly to work. I feel so many people get caught up in their projects and the stress of work that we just stop smiling. I know it is kind of a weird goal but I feel it's important. I smile A LOT when I am not at work lol I am a very happy person and try to always be positive especially with my thoughts.

I hope everyone who set goals for themselves in this new year are successful! If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. Always be realistic in your goals and there is no reason you can't succeed.

<3 Sara

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Museum and Cupcakes

Today has been another lovely Saturday. For once the weather was actually pretty nice. It wasn't freezing and windy like it has been lately. I went to lunch with Shannon, Lola and Isabelle to California Dreaming. Normally it's awesome BUT Shannon found a hair in her salad YUCK and they took FOREVER to get us our food. When you have kids with you they really should put you on some kind of priority list for your food. haha I know that wouldn't be fair to everyone else. BUT would still be nice right? I am sure moms would agree with me!

Here is the awesomely yummy train cake Angel made me for a late birthday dinner.
Bored babysitting haha

SO after lunch we went to the Charleston Childrens Museum. Honestly I found it to be a bit dissappointing. I guess my expectations were kinda high. Plus I think it was a million degrees in there. Gosh I was melting.

Lola was "shopping" for groceries

Then she made me a sandwich with peas on it.... yum?

Oh and don't forget the chocolate milk

me driving the pirate ship

Water painting on what looked like a chalk board

somehow she talked me into paying $10 for this

I love this picture of Isabelle. She is too cute!

After we melted in the museum we went to Cupcake on King street. Honestly, they weren't that great! I mean they tasted good but to pay $3 PER cupcake just wasn't ok in my book. I told Shannon I could have been just as satisfied with some I make myself. I could make about 18 cupcakes for the price of ONE of those. Good yes... worth it... NO!

I still had a good day with Shannon and the girls. Lola was a handful at the end but other than that was still a fun day! Now I am debating on getting out of my bed or staying in it and watching movies all night??? hmmm what to do what to do?

<3 Sara

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weight Loss

Happy Friday one and all!

So in my last blog post I had mentioned weight loss. Well today I got curious and maybe slightly bored during my lunch time. SO I went through my FB and found these 3 pictures. I didn't realize how much of a difference there was until I saw them side by side. The first one was from November 2009 I believe I weighed about 175ish the middle one is from August and I believe I was closer to 160 and now I am about 155. Yes I just posted my actual weight! Yes most women do not do that but I feel I should be honest about it. I have toned up quite a bit with my arms and legs and my tummy is a bit smaller since I started working out in October.

I am quite proud of myself. During the holidays I fell off the wagon a little bit but that was just from all that was going on and all the freaking food that was around. BUT Since October I have spent ALMOST everyday at the gym. I do between 30mins-1 hour of cardio (treadmill, eliptical, bike) and then I spend 15-30 minutes doing weights. It varies on the day I don't have a "program" I just go by how I feel that day! :)

I am going to hopefully keep up with the pictures for my progress. I have actually taken real progress pictures but those are underwraps for awhile.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I am unsure of my plans as of yet but I hope to blog about it sometime soon. :) Gonna try to keep this up again!!

<3 Sara

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well Well Well

look who decided to blog. It's only been since September! haha No biggie right? Let's see if I can do better... probably not! So whats been up?

WELL my most exciting thing is losing weight! Gone from a size 12 to a 6! Still got a ways to go but it's getting better. For once I am enjoying the gym and don't have to force myself to go! YaY :)

I dyed my hair twice now! But this is pretty much what it looks like now. I love it!

I won a Costume Contest for Halloween! I was pretty excited! Got $50 for it!

In December I went to the Biltmore with Kelly. We spent the entire weekend in Asheville and Sunday morning it actually snowed! We both were SO excited. We had to dig her car out of the snow just to leave the hotel. And we ate breakfast at the Tupelo Honey Cafe it was AMAZING!!!

Christmas was FINALLY cold this year! I was so excited considering the last couple of ones you could have worn shorts and been comfortable. My favorite gift is definitely my new camera.

Oh and back in November this little one turned 1 year old! I can't believe how fast time has gone by.

I am officially 24!! Here are pictures from my birthday celebrations.

This one is of some of my family at California Dreaming for a birthday lunch. This was after my amazing massage at Cloud 9 Spa!

Later that night Kelly, Katie, Damien, Jill, Will and me of course went out to VooDoo to celebrate!

and celebrate the new year!

Later... I had one of the best cakes ever! HELLO KITTY!! Love it!

Izzy was not in the mood to wait on the singing. She wanted a cupcake NOW!

Well there is a little bit of an update. I left out a TON of stuff. But this is the lowdown!!! Looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring for my life. I am hoping it will bring me the man of my dreams but I am not holding my breath TOO much! But it's all in Gods timing. I just hope this year is a good one and everyone it happy and healthy! :D
Happy New Year!

<3 Sara