Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forever 21

I must say I am SO freaking excited about today! It is a gorgeous almost 70 degrees here in Charleston and its bright and sunny outside. Did I just sound like a weather lady? lol In about an hour or so I am heading into Downtown Charleston with Angel and possibly Kelly my 2 BFFS to go have some starbucks and visit FOREVER 21!! I used to be to "fat" to be able to wear anything in this store but now I can fit most stuff. I do think their sizes run small for some reason.

Back in August when I went to Texas I went to this store and spent hardly any money. The great thing was I got 3 pairs of cute panties, 3 sets of earrings, and a really cute/nice shirt. Not a t-shirt like a legit nice shirt. Also I got some headbands and in total I might have spent $30. So I am way excited to see how much I can get today. I would like to maybe get some nicer shirts for work. I would love to be able to dress up well semi-dress up for work but it's hard considering my job can change from doing office work to delivering mail outside in a matter of seconds.

Maybe I will blog about my finds today!

Kelly just decided she is coming! YAY! Girls day downtown! :D I have seriously had the best weekend and I know it will end amazingly!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Love you all!

<3 Sara

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