Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Tonight for some reason I have New Years Resolutions on my mind. Figured I would blog about it to maybe be held more accountable. I decided this year my goals would be somewhat reasonable. I didn't make any I didn't think I couldn't do.

So my very first goal is honestly an on going thing since October. Working out. I want to make this MORE of a priority and try to do this everyday. Going to the gym is something I absolutely love to do but sometimes I let other things prevent me from going. Sometimes its just pure laziness. I actually printed out a picture to hang up at work of myself when I was bigger. I figure maybe if I am feeling lazy and not wanting to go I can look at that picture and it will help?? haha we shall see! The below picture is actually a picture of my gym! I love this place.

My second goal is to STOP SHOPPING!!! I do not need anything else. I have tons of clothes, shoes etc. The only reason to shop that I could see is losing more weight but right now I have kind of hit a plateua *sp?* so I haven't been changing sizes like I was at the beggining of this endeavor. The below picture is so fitting! So far this is actually working out. I even passed up a shopping trip to Myrtle Beach. That was hard but I couldn't do it. So if my calculations are right I SHOULD be able to put almost $300 in my bank account the next time I get paid. That is honestly really exciting for me! I just hope I can keep this up. Now I will allow myself to buy some items that I honestly need. But we shall see!! haha this will be harder than my workout goal when normal people would be the complete opposite.

My last goal is to try and smile more. This really applies mainly to work. I feel so many people get caught up in their projects and the stress of work that we just stop smiling. I know it is kind of a weird goal but I feel it's important. I smile A LOT when I am not at work lol I am a very happy person and try to always be positive especially with my thoughts.

I hope everyone who set goals for themselves in this new year are successful! If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. Always be realistic in your goals and there is no reason you can't succeed.

<3 Sara

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Missing Gabe said...

Great goals! I am sure that you will accomplish them all with with wonderful results... especially losing weight! Get' em girl!