Saturday, January 22, 2011

Visit with PaPa

Today was one of those days where you really didn't doo TOO much but it was awesome. I slept for 11 hours and woke up at noon. That's what happens when you wake up at 5:30am all work week. I woke up to Mom, Izzy, Lola and Shannon in my room. I probably would have slept a bit later. So I got up, got ready and went with Mom and Izzy to see our Papa. Her "big Papa" my Papa. She threw her hat off in the car on the way there so I put it on. That's why she is smiling because she is looking at Aunt Sara in a Panda hat.

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks!! Maybe it's just me but gosh I could eat her up!

Aunt Sara in the panda Hat

Izzy playing with a baby doll at Papa's "apartment". This doll is OLD we are not sure how old but I know my sisters and myself have played with this since we are little. That's at least 30 years right there.

Izzy with Papa

I jumped in for a picture. Too bad Izzy doesn't look too happy in this one.

So this is her after our exciting day out. After we went to see Papa we went to Costco to do a little bit of shopping. We were looking for Biofreeze for my back since it has been bothering me a bit lately. Back in September I had a Caudal Block for my back and that hurt SO bad. It hasn't really given me much problem since then up until like a week or 2 ago. So hopefully this stuff will help. The last thing I want is another Caudal block or a spinal block. No thank you!!! Back problems are definitely not fun and they make me feel like an old lady.

After I hung out with mom and Izzy I met up with my friends Jill and Will. They are married and Will is actually the brother of one of my ex's. It's funny I am still close with them considering I do not have anything to do with his brother. But I really like them and enjoy their company. We went to one of my absolute favorite places, Kicken Chicken. I got a woodchuck beer which was super yummy and for once LIKED another beer. I tried a Yuengling sp? on draft and it was actually quite tasty. So I may have to get that next time. After that, we went to Ye Ole Fashioned for some ice cream. Lots of good conversation and yumminess ended my Saturday on a great note. Hopefully I can hit the gym tomorrow and take it easy.

<3 Sara

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