Saturday, January 15, 2011

Museum and Cupcakes

Today has been another lovely Saturday. For once the weather was actually pretty nice. It wasn't freezing and windy like it has been lately. I went to lunch with Shannon, Lola and Isabelle to California Dreaming. Normally it's awesome BUT Shannon found a hair in her salad YUCK and they took FOREVER to get us our food. When you have kids with you they really should put you on some kind of priority list for your food. haha I know that wouldn't be fair to everyone else. BUT would still be nice right? I am sure moms would agree with me!

Here is the awesomely yummy train cake Angel made me for a late birthday dinner.
Bored babysitting haha

SO after lunch we went to the Charleston Childrens Museum. Honestly I found it to be a bit dissappointing. I guess my expectations were kinda high. Plus I think it was a million degrees in there. Gosh I was melting.

Lola was "shopping" for groceries

Then she made me a sandwich with peas on it.... yum?

Oh and don't forget the chocolate milk

me driving the pirate ship

Water painting on what looked like a chalk board

somehow she talked me into paying $10 for this

I love this picture of Isabelle. She is too cute!

After we melted in the museum we went to Cupcake on King street. Honestly, they weren't that great! I mean they tasted good but to pay $3 PER cupcake just wasn't ok in my book. I told Shannon I could have been just as satisfied with some I make myself. I could make about 18 cupcakes for the price of ONE of those. Good yes... worth it... NO!

I still had a good day with Shannon and the girls. Lola was a handful at the end but other than that was still a fun day! Now I am debating on getting out of my bed or staying in it and watching movies all night??? hmmm what to do what to do?

<3 Sara

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