Sunday, January 30, 2011

Owl Shirt

So I was overwhelmed with Forever 21! There was a TON of people and just not enough time. My friend Angel had to get home to cook dinner for her guys! So we didn't spend a ton of time which is fine. There were TOO many people for me! Anyways I got the one item I wanted the most. In fact I bought Shannon my sister one as well. This owl shirt and it was only like $13 which is not bad at all.

We also went to starbucks and a jewelry store where I got me a hello kitty necklace and an owl necklace which I love both of them! So freaking cute! Then I went to TJ Maxx with Shannon and the girls. Lola had a meltdown because she wanted jeans. She just can't fit them.... poor girl she was UPSET! I felt bad... but if you can't fit them then you just have to face reality. Tell that to a 4 year old...
Today has been a really great day and I get to end it seeing a new special someone! :) So freaking happy!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did.

<3 Sara

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