Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pool fun

My saturday morning started with some snuggle time with my Kodie boy! Then I was off to the gym for leg day! 
After the gym I went over to Sunrise park to calm down after my intense workout! It just so happened to be gorgeous out and felt amazing! 
Seriously so beautiful out there! 
I headed up to Daves later and we went to the pool. His old neighbor Jameson came over to hang out. Such a good kid so we enjoyed having him. 

Crazy kids! 

Dave and Jameson had a ton of fun in the pool. They kept wrestling and then checking the bottom of the pool for random stuff. They found a pair of contacts... Very random! 
Rockstar! Lol 
We spent a few hrs at the pool then came back to chill. They all layed down and watched a movie. They actually made that little setup themselves. 

After Jameson left we just chilled, had dinner then we all crashed. The sun wore us all out!! 

<3 Sara

Friday, August 29, 2014

Football party

I should start this by saying watching football is not really my thing. I am only interested in sports live. However if given a chance to go to a party I will take it. Well not every party haha BUT ones that sound fun with good people. 

The party was at a friend/co-workers house and it was a lot of fun. There were a bunch of people I didn't know but luckily they were all really nice and friendly so that was really nice. 
Dave and I took a tour through Tonyas house and saw ELVIS!! Haha I made Dave take my picture because it was a must. Elvis was in their music room so it wasn't TOOOO incredibly random. 

They had the party out in their backyard which is definitely a party space, would you not agree? They had 2 tv's under that awning so most people watched the Carolina game. I was only under there because that's where the food was. Wow that sounds like such a fat kid thing to say. Haha

So I should note that Dave and Tonya sit right next to eachother at work. They are always messing with each other and playing pranks. Well let's just say Tonya got too close to the pool and Dave pushed her in. I felt so bad for her but it was funny! He better watch his back because I know he will pay for this! 

All in all a great time with very nice people! 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Angel Oak

I will tell you guys about my whole weekend but all of the pics are from Sunday! 

Friday I went toGolds and got in a good workout then spent the evening hanging out with the fam and also watching a good bit of tv. I also think I fell asleep at 930 lol I was tired! 

Saturday started with a workout and it was a good one. The gym wasn't packed so it made it easy to do what I wanted. 
My sister Krystal and I headed to the mall to do some shopping. I had no intention of buying my Navy Ball dress this weekend BUT mom gave me some money and I actually found a dress under $100 and loved it!! I thought about posting the picture but I think I will wait until I have pictures from the ball in October. 
Dave ended up meeting up with us for a late lunch then we headed to his house and watched movies all night. I was so tired for some reason and felt like doing nothing. So that's exactly what we did! 

Sunday Funday!! Haha it was quite chill actually. Dave and I skipped church and headed to the Angel Oak on Johns Island  only to find it doesn't open until 1 on sundays. So we headed out to Kiawah to see what was out there. 
We ended up on seabrook Island at Reds Icehouse on the bohicket marina. I had a beer and we shared some nachos just to munch on. There was a lovely breeze which actually made us sleepy and the view was beautiful. I loved seeing the HUGE boats! 

We headed back to the Angel Oak and it was open so we went in to check it out. I had been once before but honestly didn't remember too much except that it was a tree. I don't even think I took pictures last time. 
They say this tree is 1,500 years old and it is HUGE!! To preserve the tree they don't let you climb on it and they have cables holding up pieces of it. 
We enjoyed being outside and spending time together. 

We headed to my house after, he took a 2 hour or more nap and I hung out with my fam. We did watch some tv, took Kodie on about a mile walk and then had yummy BLT's with my fam. I LOVE bacon so this was a great dinner :) 

When we got back to his place we fed the ducks some old bread mom was throwing out. There are so many ducks now so I had Dave help me so they wouldn't be going crazy waiting for one person to feed them. They get pretty crazy and look like they are about to bite the food from your fingers. I am not a fan of that part. 

We watched a movie and chilled the rest of the night. 

Such a good weekend and I am SO glad the stress of finding a dress is no more!! Success!! 

<3 Sara

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Riverfront Park

So today Dave got his car back after a month because of his accident. He was thrilled and wanted to go for a drive so that we did. 
We ended up going to the North Charleston Riverfront Park which was actually one of the first places him and I ever went to outside of seeing eachother at work. So needless to say it means a little something to us. We had not been since that last time so it was nice to go. 

The park serves as a memorial as well so they had lots of neat statues, fountains and plaques to see. I of course took a picture of my sailor next to the sailor statue. 
Our time at the park was cut short thanks to being attacked by mosquitos. They were so horrible we ran to the car. My ankle did not appreciate the running. 
We drove around and saw some of the old Navy Shipyard buildings. It's amazing how big a piece of history they are. I can only imagine how neat it would have been back in the day. 

We got home in time to see the sun setting and it was so pretty. 

Tomorrow is friday woohoo!!! I am so ready for the weekend, no plans yet and I am ok with that. Although if the weather is nice on Sunday I may talk Dave into doing something like the USS Yorktown or Fort Sumter. We shall see :)

I saw this quote tonight and loved it. I thank God for all of lifes moments and always give him praise for blessing my life so much. 

<3 Sara

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

La Carreta for the win

Seriously, I think I ate my weight in chips and queso! I wish I was kidding but nope lol I am not!! 
So anyway Yesterday was my friend Amanda's birthday so we planned to go out to dinner just her and I. Amanda and I have known eachother since high school and have always tried to get together when schedules allow it. The last time we were together was maybe in the fall. 
So we met up for yummy mexican to celebrate! 
I had time before meeting up with her and wanted to get her a little something. 

I went to Styledwell on James Island and found this cute bracelet. They have such great things I even tried on a potential navy ball dress but my chest was not allowing that dress to happen! 
So I had them wrap her bracelet up and went to get her a card. I am so glad I was able to get her a little something.  she loved the gift and it always makes you feel good to see someone get excited over something you have given them. 
So we ate our weight in chips and queso and also had the biggest drinks ever. Our waitress didn't speak much english so we definitely had communication problems with our drink order. 
My margarita was HUGE and so Amanda made sure when ordering her drinn to repeat the word SMALL many many times. Her drink was not small so needless to say we left some alcohol at the table when we left.
 They were good but we wouldn't have been able to drive if we finished them. 
We had such a good time catching up and vowed to not let it go so long until we hang our again. It's nice to have a few good girlfriends in my life that do not create drama. We have a genuine good time together and get together when we can. 

God always puts people in your life for a reason! :) 

<3 Sara

Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding your identity

I loved this past Sunday!! 

We started our day out with a great service geared towards women but anyone could take away from it. It was basically what we wrap our identity in (home, kids, appearance etc..) which is not good.  With God we are completely accepted, totally secure and deeply significant no matter what! 

"I have been made right in God's sight." Romans 5:1 

"I have been rescued and forgiven of all my sins." Collossians 1:13-14

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13 
I have always loved this verse.

Another awesome part of sunday was my friends the Newmans came to church with us! Also, a Random little moment that I LOVED: Jesse let me hold him while Ashley filled out some paperwork and he put his head on my shoulder I soaked up that sweet moment then we walked him to class. 

We all went to lunch at Boxcar Bettys and it was yummy. My only complaints really were about the space. Too small inside and the parking was NOT easy but luckily we got there at a good time or we probably would have had to come up with a plan b. 
I had the fried chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese and home made pickles with a side of bbq sauce and sweet potato fries. YUM!!!

I truly enjoyed being with friends at church and lunch! I love them and cherish my time with them. 

We went to Target to get Logan a few back to school items. One being a light up transformers lunchbox which I am pretty sure he loved!!! And you know you can't go shopping for one thing without buying the store. Woops! ;)

We got back and Dave took a nap and we all chilled. However that nap was taking tooooo long. So the kiddos and I got on bathing suits, grabbed towels and headed to the pool for 2 hours. 
They had a blast playing with the kids that were there which is always nice. 
I enjoyed trying to get a little more color on my very white skin lol but the pool was so nice so laying out didn't happen for too long. 

We cooked dinner then he took the kids back to their mom. I miss them when they are gone but I won't lie I enjoy when it's quiet too!! 
Dave and I ended the evening with a stroll around the little lake then off to bed. 

Pretty great weekend!! Blessed beyond measure, I say it alot but it is true!! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Did someone say cake?!? ;)

Saturday started off with me in the gym by 8am!!! Say whaaaaat! Haha ok that's only like an hour or so earlier than normal haha but still it felt so early. I knew the day would be busy so I wanted to get my workout done early. 

Shannon and Dana ended up coming to the pool with us for a few hours. We had alot of fun but I wish there would have been a few clouds to give us a break from the sun. 

Dave, the kiddos and myself went to the mall. He needed to buy shoes for Logan and I started my hunt for the Navy Ball dress. I found an awesome dress but they didn't have my size! Now I know the style I want which is helpful. I won't have to alter it so that means I have more time to shop so less stress. 
Alayna went with me to look at the dresses. She was obsessed with the maniquins and let's just say there are way more than this one picture. Chick wanted a picture with every one she saw. 
Even though we were shopping seperate from the boys BOTH kids spotted the train. So when we met back up they got to ride the train around the mall. They LOVED it to say the least. 

After our shopping adventure we went to my Grammy and Aunt Susans house to celebrate the August Babies birthdays. YUMMY bbq and cake yes please :) 

This pic makes me laugh because someone said ok now the kids can get in the pic and Daves kids wanted to be in it. It was cute! 
Love family pictures :) and LOVE my family!! 
I had to add this one, I got this at Palmetto Moon and I am in love with it. 

Told you saturday was busy! :) I loved it but I definitely passed OUT saturday night!! Slept amazingly!! 

<3 Sara