Saturday, August 9, 2014

Baby shower

Today was a great day!! 

I woke up and had an awesome workout at Golds! I haven't worked out at Golds in what feels like forEVER! Love that gym!! 

Mom and I got ready and headed to celebrate my best friend since diapers baby shower. I can't believe my Kelly Welly has gotten married AND having a baby all within a year. *tear* she's growing up so fast. Haha 
Her shower was really nice and She got alot of great things for baby boy! 
27 years and counting.... There is nothing quite like this kind of friendship. I truly value it and love getting to be apart of the big life moments with her. Maybe one day she will be attending parties for me haha MAYBE! ;)

"A couple that prays together stays together" 
Watching Josh try to figure out the diaper was too funny! 

7 more weeks until we meet that precious little boy! I can't wait!! 

After the shower mom and I shopped at Costco and then went by my grandmothers to drop off some things. I loved getting to spend the day with my mom :) 

<3 Sara

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