Sunday, August 17, 2014

Did someone say cake?!? ;)

Saturday started off with me in the gym by 8am!!! Say whaaaaat! Haha ok that's only like an hour or so earlier than normal haha but still it felt so early. I knew the day would be busy so I wanted to get my workout done early. 

Shannon and Dana ended up coming to the pool with us for a few hours. We had alot of fun but I wish there would have been a few clouds to give us a break from the sun. 

Dave, the kiddos and myself went to the mall. He needed to buy shoes for Logan and I started my hunt for the Navy Ball dress. I found an awesome dress but they didn't have my size! Now I know the style I want which is helpful. I won't have to alter it so that means I have more time to shop so less stress. 
Alayna went with me to look at the dresses. She was obsessed with the maniquins and let's just say there are way more than this one picture. Chick wanted a picture with every one she saw. 
Even though we were shopping seperate from the boys BOTH kids spotted the train. So when we met back up they got to ride the train around the mall. They LOVED it to say the least. 

After our shopping adventure we went to my Grammy and Aunt Susans house to celebrate the August Babies birthdays. YUMMY bbq and cake yes please :) 

This pic makes me laugh because someone said ok now the kids can get in the pic and Daves kids wanted to be in it. It was cute! 
Love family pictures :) and LOVE my family!! 
I had to add this one, I got this at Palmetto Moon and I am in love with it. 

Told you saturday was busy! :) I loved it but I definitely passed OUT saturday night!! Slept amazingly!! 

<3 Sara

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