Sunday, August 10, 2014

Earth Art Pottery studio

So let's just say my morning did not go as planned. I woke up feeling FAT couldn't find anything to wear so instead of church I took my teary eyed self to the afb gym! I had an amazing workout and felt SO much better!! Gotta love endorphins! 

Satan won this morning especially after I stepped off a curb and re-injured my ankle :( BUT regardless the rest of my day was amazing so he didn't win for long!!

Dave and I met up with my sis and nieces to have lunch then go to the Charleston Pirate festival. Unfortunately mother nature had other plans and decided it was going to pour down rain for the entire afternoon. So while having lunch at Zaxbys we decided to go paint pottery. None of us had ever done it before so it sounded like fun! 
These girls are so silly, I love them!! 

We went to the EarthArt pottery and art studio in South Windemere. We had such a fun time. Their prices were not bad at all and they were so helpful! They also gave us as much paint and as many colors as we needed. I would highly reccomend this place especially if you are looking for a fun rainy day activity. 
This was the start of mine, pumpkin and a takeout box. 
The girls painting their masterpieces! 

My finished products, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pumpkin!! 
Even Dave got into it which he said surprised him. 

This is everyones art together! I would say we all did a pretty good job! 
Perfect end to a good weekend!! 

<3 Sara

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