Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding your identity

I loved this past Sunday!! 

We started our day out with a great service geared towards women but anyone could take away from it. It was basically what we wrap our identity in (home, kids, appearance etc..) which is not good.  With God we are completely accepted, totally secure and deeply significant no matter what! 

"I have been made right in God's sight." Romans 5:1 

"I have been rescued and forgiven of all my sins." Collossians 1:13-14

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13 
I have always loved this verse.

Another awesome part of sunday was my friends the Newmans came to church with us! Also, a Random little moment that I LOVED: Jesse let me hold him while Ashley filled out some paperwork and he put his head on my shoulder I soaked up that sweet moment then we walked him to class. 

We all went to lunch at Boxcar Bettys and it was yummy. My only complaints really were about the space. Too small inside and the parking was NOT easy but luckily we got there at a good time or we probably would have had to come up with a plan b. 
I had the fried chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese and home made pickles with a side of bbq sauce and sweet potato fries. YUM!!!

I truly enjoyed being with friends at church and lunch! I love them and cherish my time with them. 

We went to Target to get Logan a few back to school items. One being a light up transformers lunchbox which I am pretty sure he loved!!! And you know you can't go shopping for one thing without buying the store. Woops! ;)

We got back and Dave took a nap and we all chilled. However that nap was taking tooooo long. So the kiddos and I got on bathing suits, grabbed towels and headed to the pool for 2 hours. 
They had a blast playing with the kids that were there which is always nice. 
I enjoyed trying to get a little more color on my very white skin lol but the pool was so nice so laying out didn't happen for too long. 

We cooked dinner then he took the kids back to their mom. I miss them when they are gone but I won't lie I enjoy when it's quiet too!! 
Dave and I ended the evening with a stroll around the little lake then off to bed. 

Pretty great weekend!! Blessed beyond measure, I say it alot but it is true!! 

<3 Sara

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