Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friday I welcome you

You see normally Friday and I are besties but this friday started out rough luckily it ended well. 

So friday at 6:45am I go to leave for work and my car would not crank. Luckily one of Dave's friends lives around the corner and came to jump my car. $143 at Autozone later I had a new battery and on my way to work! 

Luckily my work day was pretty good and after work we had happy hour with some co-workers and my sister also came. 
I really love this place their food is awesome and the atmosphere is very fun and friendly. 
Margaritas and chicken tacos for the win! 
There is a store across from the DIG called the Pink Crocodile where I had to visit before we left the area. I got 2 cute dresses 40% off, a bib for Kellys baby boy and a cute bracelet. If I had more money I would have bought more. This store is so cute and very southern!! 

We got the kids around 7:30 and played before bed time. It wasn't hot out at all thankfully so we played at the park without even breaking a sweat. 
So friday started rough but ended great!! Thank God :D

<3 Sara

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