Friday, August 29, 2014

Football party

I should start this by saying watching football is not really my thing. I am only interested in sports live. However if given a chance to go to a party I will take it. Well not every party haha BUT ones that sound fun with good people. 

The party was at a friend/co-workers house and it was a lot of fun. There were a bunch of people I didn't know but luckily they were all really nice and friendly so that was really nice. 
Dave and I took a tour through Tonyas house and saw ELVIS!! Haha I made Dave take my picture because it was a must. Elvis was in their music room so it wasn't TOOOO incredibly random. 

They had the party out in their backyard which is definitely a party space, would you not agree? They had 2 tv's under that awning so most people watched the Carolina game. I was only under there because that's where the food was. Wow that sounds like such a fat kid thing to say. Haha

So I should note that Dave and Tonya sit right next to eachother at work. They are always messing with each other and playing pranks. Well let's just say Tonya got too close to the pool and Dave pushed her in. I felt so bad for her but it was funny! He better watch his back because I know he will pay for this! 

All in all a great time with very nice people! 

<3 Sara

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