Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Angel Oak

I will tell you guys about my whole weekend but all of the pics are from Sunday! 

Friday I went toGolds and got in a good workout then spent the evening hanging out with the fam and also watching a good bit of tv. I also think I fell asleep at 930 lol I was tired! 

Saturday started with a workout and it was a good one. The gym wasn't packed so it made it easy to do what I wanted. 
My sister Krystal and I headed to the mall to do some shopping. I had no intention of buying my Navy Ball dress this weekend BUT mom gave me some money and I actually found a dress under $100 and loved it!! I thought about posting the picture but I think I will wait until I have pictures from the ball in October. 
Dave ended up meeting up with us for a late lunch then we headed to his house and watched movies all night. I was so tired for some reason and felt like doing nothing. So that's exactly what we did! 

Sunday Funday!! Haha it was quite chill actually. Dave and I skipped church and headed to the Angel Oak on Johns Island  only to find it doesn't open until 1 on sundays. So we headed out to Kiawah to see what was out there. 
We ended up on seabrook Island at Reds Icehouse on the bohicket marina. I had a beer and we shared some nachos just to munch on. There was a lovely breeze which actually made us sleepy and the view was beautiful. I loved seeing the HUGE boats! 

We headed back to the Angel Oak and it was open so we went in to check it out. I had been once before but honestly didn't remember too much except that it was a tree. I don't even think I took pictures last time. 
They say this tree is 1,500 years old and it is HUGE!! To preserve the tree they don't let you climb on it and they have cables holding up pieces of it. 
We enjoyed being outside and spending time together. 

We headed to my house after, he took a 2 hour or more nap and I hung out with my fam. We did watch some tv, took Kodie on about a mile walk and then had yummy BLT's with my fam. I LOVE bacon so this was a great dinner :) 

When we got back to his place we fed the ducks some old bread mom was throwing out. There are so many ducks now so I had Dave help me so they wouldn't be going crazy waiting for one person to feed them. They get pretty crazy and look like they are about to bite the food from your fingers. I am not a fan of that part. 

We watched a movie and chilled the rest of the night. 

Such a good weekend and I am SO glad the stress of finding a dress is no more!! Success!! 

<3 Sara

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