Wednesday, August 20, 2014

La Carreta for the win

Seriously, I think I ate my weight in chips and queso! I wish I was kidding but nope lol I am not!! 
So anyway Yesterday was my friend Amanda's birthday so we planned to go out to dinner just her and I. Amanda and I have known eachother since high school and have always tried to get together when schedules allow it. The last time we were together was maybe in the fall. 
So we met up for yummy mexican to celebrate! 
I had time before meeting up with her and wanted to get her a little something. 

I went to Styledwell on James Island and found this cute bracelet. They have such great things I even tried on a potential navy ball dress but my chest was not allowing that dress to happen! 
So I had them wrap her bracelet up and went to get her a card. I am so glad I was able to get her a little something.  she loved the gift and it always makes you feel good to see someone get excited over something you have given them. 
So we ate our weight in chips and queso and also had the biggest drinks ever. Our waitress didn't speak much english so we definitely had communication problems with our drink order. 
My margarita was HUGE and so Amanda made sure when ordering her drinn to repeat the word SMALL many many times. Her drink was not small so needless to say we left some alcohol at the table when we left.
 They were good but we wouldn't have been able to drive if we finished them. 
We had such a good time catching up and vowed to not let it go so long until we hang our again. It's nice to have a few good girlfriends in my life that do not create drama. We have a genuine good time together and get together when we can. 

God always puts people in your life for a reason! :) 

<3 Sara

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