Saturday, August 2, 2014

Retirement party

This has nothing to do with the party but yesterday am there was a blood drive at work. I decided to donate since it had been a year since the last time I did it. Well all was fine until the end! Started sweating asked for a water and then all heck broke loose. My entire body went tingly, felt sooooo nausaus and then it happened, I puked, twice!! I have gotten light headed before donating but this was a whole new ball game! I will definitely donate again but it may be awhile! I felt pretty blah most of the day but no time for that. 

It was party time around 730, luckily I did feel better. As of yesterday both of my parents are done working!! My dads guys through him a party at Gilligans, they really did a good job and it looked really good. They went with a fishing theme and decorated as so. 

I loved the cake, so cute and VERY yummy!! 

My daddy and mommy, so happy for them to finally have some fun and maybe go on some vacations! Enjoy retirement :)

<3 Sara

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