Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Gifts

I just wanted to share two gifts I received recently.

My government supervisor brought this back for me from New Orleans. I tihnk this is SO cool. Im going to TRY and incorporate this into a halloween costume! I think it will be tricky BUT I might be able to pull it off.

This is the blanket my sister made me this past weekend. I love it!! SOOOO soft and warm!! Thanks Shannon <3 You!!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday!! Ours was rainy!

<3 Sara

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend WrapUp

Well its Sunday night yet again which means ill go to bed and wake up to another lovely work week. Oh YAY! Actually my job isn't bad at all so I shouldn't be not excited. Anyways here is a bit about my weekend with a few pictures!

Friday after work I came back to my apt it was POURING so I was just hanging out. I ended up going to mom and dads and everyone was over there. We had YUMMY pizza and me and my sisters watched a movie. It was called Push with Dakota Fanning, Dont see this movie. IT SUCKED!

Saturday I did a good bit of cleaning in the apt then went out with Shannon and lola. We ended up having lunch at S&S Cafeteria then went to Payless (got 2 cute pairs of shoes) and to hancock fabrics. Then we went to Walmart. We got some like fuzzy warm fabric for Shannon to make me a blanket and CUTE fabric for lola to have dresses and me to have pillows. Shannon has alot of work to do unelss she already did it. She already made my blanket and I LOVE it!! *thanks shannon LOVE YOU* That night we went to mom and dads again and had good timing. Dad was almost home with Publix chicken so we hung out there for the rest of the evening. I love being home and spending QUALITY time with my family. When I lived there I spent alot of time just up in my bedroom now I spend time WITH my family. After I left there I did some browsing at Barnes and Noble. My co-worker Claudia has turned me practically into a bookworm. I LOVE to read now! I have read 5 books this month and im ALMOST done with another one. SO I picked up a new one! Then I came back to the apt and spent time with my roomie and a couple of her friends she had over.

Sunday *today* I woke up about 9 and headed to the beach with Angela <3 her! We were out there for 2 hours I think. The current was strong because of Danny so we didn't really swim. SO when I got back to my apartment I went to the pool to swim. I loved it out there but it was HOT! And I got some more quality reading time in. I should do that a couple more times before the pool closes for "winter". I watched a couple of lifetime movies this afternoon trying to get rid of a nasty headache I have had since about Friday. Then I had date night with my roomie! We went to walmart and came back and made cupcakes and watched a movie together. The cupcakes were AMAZING!!!

A couple of prayer requests: Kellys Arthritis, My family, my relationships, and my horrible headache.

I hope everyone has a spectacular week!

Here's Lola in front of the mini cooper! She thought it was pretty neat.

Here's a shot of the pier at Folly. Random picture from the beach today!

When I was reading at the pool this little guy decided to come join me! There are frogs EVERYWHERE at the apartment complex. There is one that lives outside of our door we don't mind. ONLY if he stays OUTSIDE.

The cupcakes I made tonight. Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream frosting. We got a box that only made 12 so that was enough for us. We both were bad though and had 2. GOT TO GET BACK TO THE GYM this week!! It's an endless battle!

<3 Sara

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ok so today was the day I went to give blood. I had previously posted about it! Anyways everything was pretty normal except the part where I almost PASSED OUT. So I was laying in the chair just waiting for her to tell me I was done and they have enough of my blood when BAM I felt SOOO sick. I asked if I could have some water and by the time she brought me back the water I told her I didn't feel so good. So she immediately got me a wet/cold rag for my head apparently I was PALE and some water. Let me just tell you I have NEVER felt like that EVER. To my knowledge I have never passed out in my whole life. SO weird its like I could feel myself passing out slowly ugh HORRIBLE feeling. And im sure you are probably thinking she will NEVER give blood again. Nope you are wrong my friend. I am definitely going to be a regular blood donor. I may just wait a little longer before I do it again instead of just 10 weeks! Oh and for some reason where the needle was is a LOT more noticable than it was the last time and a little more sore. Oh well! I guess ill have good experiences and bad ones! BUT I did get 2 free tickets to Patriots Point to the USS Yorktown AND a free chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A!! :)

<3 Sara

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Go Riverdoggies :)

Well today after work I again went and picked up little miss Lola! We went back to my parents house until it was time to leave to go to the Riverdogs game. We met up with seth, my aunts, grandmother, uncle, cousin and mr. David. We had a good time, didn't get to stay too long because I had to take Lola home and get home in a decent amount of time. I think she had a good time she got her face painted which was fun. She had hello kitty on her cheek. I had a picture of her getting her face painted but blogger wont let me add anymore pictures. LAME! Anyways below are some pictures from our evening. Have I mentioned that I love little Miss Lola? haha because she is one of my BFFS haha and my niece :) Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!

<3 Sara

Wordless Wednesday-PEACE

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Park with Lo

This afternoon after work I went to get my niece Lola. My sister has cellulitis (sp?) and she basically can't walk too well so I figured I would give them a little break and take her for awhile. Plus I wanted to go to the JICP *James Island County Park* My aunt Susan met us up there and we played but my God it was HOT. As you can see in the last picture im in jeans which was not a good idea but I did not plan to go there after work. I had a great time with her and after the park we went to Chik-Fil-A it was kids night. yum yum!!

btw I edited these pictures just a little bit. I really want photoshop though but the little editor thing on my computer was O.K. Once I win the lottery Ill buy more stuff that I want because right now its all about the I NEED.

Have a great evening!!

<3 Sara


Looks like im hosting another party!! I am having a premier Jewelry Party on October 9th at 7pm at my Apartment in West Ashley. I am really excited! A guy at works wife is selling it so I wanted to have a party. I checked out the catalog and the jewelry is pretty nice and not that expensive either. I like cheaper good quality jewelry.

Oh and Kelly and I are hosting Keno at the apt in September. It has been So long since we even had Keno. I am very much looking forward to it, I haven't seen the girls since Angel's baby shower and not all of them were there. So I hope we have a good turnout. And Heather better come down from Columbia ;) hint hint heather! haha
It looks like we will be having quite a bit of people over in the coming months. We thought about also having a drop in like a apartment warming party. I didn't think people did that for apartments but A LOT of people have actually asked when we were doing it. So who knows!! Probably in September if we do have one. I have to buy a slip cover for the loveseat before anyone comes over to check out the place like that.

Happy Tuesday

<3 Sara

Monday, August 24, 2009

Desire part 2

This picture I took last August on Lake hartwell on an evening boat cruise. I had a GREAT time and I wish I could just get away for a weekend again. In fact I may just contact my cousin and see if that can be worked out. Who knows! Lately things have been stressful for me between my relationship with Seth and my relationship with one of my sisters, my job is going to change a little bit in the next month and just ugh I am stressed out. Not like MAJOR stress but I feel it and its affecting me. I have just been chillen out swimming every night which has become a MAJOR source of therapy for me. Last night I went swimming and was talking to God about something and I saw a shooting star thats my sign that things will be ok. I just have to get to that point of O.K. You know life changes so much I never thought a year ago this is where my life would be but hey thats life is a Journey as someone recently told me and I will have to just enjoy the ride. Or at least tolerate it! So theres a little bit of what I have been going through lately. Hope everyone is doing well.

<3 Sara

Friday, August 21, 2009

I got my hair did

I got my hair cut the other day! So here is what it looks like now. I can't decide if I love it or just like it. I go back and forth. but I have decided I will be growing my hair back out and let it be long again. I miss my long hair so much!! It looked so cute when I would scrunch it.

So tonight I am having a relaxing evening at home. I went and got 2 movies from blockbuster, Hannah montanna movie *dont hate* and Obsessed. I already watched the Hannah movie and it was such a cute movie!! Ill be sure to let yall know if Obsessed is any good. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

<3 Sara

Give Blood

Next Thursday August 27th at 4pm my aunt and I are going to give blood at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mt. Pleasant. The Red Cross is urging people to give blood especially if you have 0,A, or B negative blood types. So if you feel the desire to give back this is a great way. this is MY way of giving back. I have only donated once before but it was a great feeling. So anyways I just wanted to put it out there to go donate because the need is GREAT!

<3 Sara

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is whats wrong


THIS STORY is just obsurd! You know I realize these men signed a document stating that prayer wouldnt happen or whatever. Seriously? I mean I realize some people dont believe in God and all but I just think its insane for these 2 men to POSSIBLY go to prison for saying a prayer at a luncheon. What do yall think? I think its ridiculous.

Anyways have a great tuesday!

<3 Sara

Monday, August 17, 2009

Im doggiesitting

So this week I am doggie sitting! My parents went out of town on some family business to NC. So me and Shannon split the doggies. Chase is at my house (first pic) and moe is at her house. I realize I am so not ready to have a dog in an apt. It is so much more different than having them at home. I have to actually take him out and walk him every time he needs to potty. I know I sound SO lazy right now haha but its not like I am too tired I just hate having to WAIT on him to pee/poop. haha yup now im complaining! Sorry!! At least he is cute!! I just hope he isnt crying or anything when im not here. I heard him for a minute this morning when I left for work. I figure it will pass.

<3 Sara

P.S. Tonight is my BFF Angela's birthday!! We are going out for mexican. AND tomorrow im going out for Amanda's birthday! So I will PROBABLY post some pics!!

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT have to use MckMamas SIDEBAR icon for Not Me! Monday! because my stupid computer wouldnt let me use the actual one. Not MY computer.

I did NOT order MORE Partylite on Friday at Mirandas party. Oh and I did NOT get $100 in product for $10. I am NOT that lucky!

On saturday I did not go out with my cousin and get a shot from some guys that I didnt know. And I did not secretly enjoy it. Because that has certainly happened before.

Sunday I did NOt make a cake to eat after the dinner I cooked. I mean seriously if someone wants to lose weight they definitely go make cakes. Nope Not me!

OK so there is my Not me! Monday! head over to MckMamas blog to read the others.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Night Out

Last night I met up with my cousin Kimberly and went out for a much needed girls night. We met up at VooDoo Tiki Bar (went there last weekend) and had some appetizers and drinks. I drank a Mai Tai (sp?) which was amazing. I officially love this drink plus it was in a coconut which was more fun. Then we left there after 3 hours and went to see a movie The Ugly Truth.

I officially loved this movie it was so good. Everyone should go see this movie well mainly girls. It really was the UGLY truth!!!

Anyway today I will be chillen around and then later going to get my dog chase from my parents house because they are out of town for the week. Have a great Sunday!

<3 Sara

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beautiful Sky

As I left HOME yesterday to go to my new home the sky was just beautiful. I HAD to take a picture. It had stormed earlier so I think thats why it was so pretty. You know its amazing the things God puts in our daily views that sometimes we take for granted. This I did NOT take for granted. I actually thanked God for making that my view on the way home.

Happy Friday everyone!

<3 Sara

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reds Ice House

So this morning on the way to work I was listening to the radio 95sx and they had a call in contest. The question was "what was sir mix alots BIG song?" DUH Baby Got back!! I won a $25 gift certificate to Reds Ice House. SWEEET! I have heard that place is nice and its right on Shem Creek so apparently the view is amazing! Just wanted to share my excitement!!!

<3 Sara

Wordless Wednesday Times 3 :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

Head over to MckMama's website to read the rest of the Not Me! Mondays!

I did NOt celebrate 3 birthdays this weekend and eat a TON of bad food. Although it was YUMMY! I mean it was NOT yummy.

MY computer is definitely NOT hating my life again and working properly. It loves to act right!!

AND I did NOT spend over 100 trying to fix it and have it work. of course it worked properly after all that money.

Me and my boyfriend do NOT like to take pictures of ourselves using my phone! Who does that?? NOT US! :)

And my Co-worker certainly did NOT bring me this chocolatey pecany goodness this morning KNOWING I would like to lose weight. Nope she wouldn't do that to me!

Lastly I did NOT start reading yet ANOTHER addicting book and spend hours reading. Nope not me!!

Hope everyone joins in on the Not ME! Mondays!!!

<3 Sara

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Papas 90th etc

Well this weekend was another busy one full of birthdays! August has a ton of birthdays in our family. Saturday we celebrated Kainens 2nd birthday and my papas 90th birthday. Thats a HUGE milestone I only hope I can make it to 90!

Lola also got her first "pedicure" ok they really just painted her nails but she loved it. They even painted a flower on her big toes and thumbs it was really cute. I got the flowers on my big toes as well. I had a really great time with Shannon and Lola getting our nails done and going to Walmart. I then took Lola to Kainens birthday party for like an hour. She puked in the jump castle and I had to clean it up. EWE! Then we went to Papas party and partied with the old people. I felt out of place not having grey hair. haha jk! Although there was alot of old people my papa has the GREATEST time. I could tell! After the party a couple of us went to VooDoo Tiki bar in Avondale, it was SO neat. It had a very cool atmosphere and great music. We made SMORES at our table like literally roasted marshmallows. Definitely have never done that before especially at a table in a bar! They had really good wine and we all took a shot together which was fun. Definitely a great end to a great day!

Sunday we had a birthday lunch for my Aunt Theresa. We had fried shrimp ETC.

Anyway that was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope you all had a great one!

Lola getting her first "pedicure"

Kainen jumping in the jump castle

Papas bday cake

The picture board mom and shannon made

My cousin Scott and his girlfriend Kate

The Sunset from the dock at mr.Als

The picture of the group from the dock

Gram, Me, Lola and Shannon

Me and Shannon

My family with our Papa

Scott and Lola after they spun around


VooDoo Tiki Bar

Lola chowing down on some corn. Just like her mom she LOVES corn. haha jK! Shannon HATES corn.

<3 Sara