Friday, January 13, 2017

We woke up Sunday and it was FREEEEEEZING. Poor Teddy got no walks last weekend because it was so darn cold in the mornings.
 Alayna slept in her new sleeping bag on the floor Saturday night and lucky for me she did because when Dave snored I had a bed to sleep in. haha One thing about having guests when we have kids, if Dave snores I only have the couch to sleep on.
Side note: I got new ear plugs in last night and slept amazing, blocked out ALL the noise.

We went to church, Costco with mom and dad then back to their house for lunch. The kids were excited they got to open their Christmas gifts from my parents.

The both got jammies, tattoos and slippers which were awesome. Logan got a drone then Alayna got a really cool art thing where you can learn to draw by tracing the pictures.
Of course Logan wanted to try out the drone and you really need an open space so we went to my old neighborhoods park.
  They got to play for a little bit but the park didn't last too long.
Remember I told you it was freezing, I didn't lie. My hands hurt they were so cold.

Mommy and me <3
We had SUCH a great weekend and I am SO thankful this weekend will be warm. I don't want it to be HOT but I am not a fan of freezing to death.

Firepit Fun

 Last Saturday night we had the Newmans over for dinner and a fire pit with s'mores. It was freezing so I wasn't really sure how the whole fire pit deal was really going to go down but we enjoyed it.


 I love these three so much. Sorry Logan for cropping you out of the 2nd one, I am going to use this for their slideshow when they get married. ;)

So the kids and the guys spent all of maybe 10 minutes outside, the kids a little longer than the guys but really this fire was enjoyed by Ashley and myself. I really enjoyed some chill time with her and just chit chatting about life. We also may have taken a few silly pictures of me pretending to be a witch stirring my cauldron. haha

We definitely plan to enjoy the fire pit again just maybe when the temps are not in the 20's.


Dinner downtown

 Last Wednesday one of Daves military buddies came into town and stayed a few days with us. Thursday night we decided to take him downtown to at least do something "touristy" while he was here visiting.

 We took him down to waterfront park to see the harbor and the pineapple fountain.  

Then we had dinner at Lagunitas on East Bay Street, best crab cake sandwich I have ever had. I also tried a cider beer Bold Rock and it was delicious! The boys both had burgers and said they were amazing.

I wanted a praline SO bad, off to the candy shop we went. We all got a little something to enjoy on the way back to the car.
It was a quick little trip downtown but a fun one!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Family Party

Last Sunday Dave and I worked out then went shopping to spend some Christmas money and make an exchange at the mall. I got some jeans and flip flops and he got jeans and tees. Teddy got a bowtie collar, isn't he the cutest?
  Later that afternoon we headed to my parents house for a family birthday party. Lots of yummy food and a homemade chocolate pound cake (YUMMMMM). I invited Ashley and Angel along with their families to come celebrate with us.

Mom made the BEST cake, much better than anything store bought.

 Isabelle was being quite the character while we were singing Happy Birthday, I was laughing pretty hard at her. She is a nut! 

Isabelle loves him

 We had Monday off and it was a pretty lazy day honestly.
 When I got into work on Tuesday I walked into THIS. yup. ALL of that.

Selfie with the crazy glasses and the crazy cubicle.

 Wednesday we got the kids, first time we had seen them since December 23rd. We missed them, they were super excited to have a few gifts to open when they got to the house.
Later that evening I met Ashley and Lauren at Carrabas for a yummy birthday dinner along with a few great gifts. I really enjoyed our dinner nothing better than a quick little girls night out.
I would say 30 so far has been pretty great. My family and friends really made this one special!