Monday, January 9, 2017

Family Party

Last Sunday Dave and I worked out then went shopping to spend some Christmas money and make an exchange at the mall. I got some jeans and flip flops and he got jeans and tees. Teddy got a bowtie collar, isn't he the cutest?
  Later that afternoon we headed to my parents house for a family birthday party. Lots of yummy food and a homemade chocolate pound cake (YUMMMMM). I invited Ashley and Angel along with their families to come celebrate with us.

Mom made the BEST cake, much better than anything store bought.

 Isabelle was being quite the character while we were singing Happy Birthday, I was laughing pretty hard at her. She is a nut! 

Isabelle loves him

 We had Monday off and it was a pretty lazy day honestly.
 When I got into work on Tuesday I walked into THIS. yup. ALL of that.

Selfie with the crazy glasses and the crazy cubicle.

 Wednesday we got the kids, first time we had seen them since December 23rd. We missed them, they were super excited to have a few gifts to open when they got to the house.
Later that evening I met Ashley and Lauren at Carrabas for a yummy birthday dinner along with a few great gifts. I really enjoyed our dinner nothing better than a quick little girls night out.
I would say 30 so far has been pretty great. My family and friends really made this one special!

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