Friday, January 13, 2017

We woke up Sunday and it was FREEEEEEZING. Poor Teddy got no walks last weekend because it was so darn cold in the mornings.
 Alayna slept in her new sleeping bag on the floor Saturday night and lucky for me she did because when Dave snored I had a bed to sleep in. haha One thing about having guests when we have kids, if Dave snores I only have the couch to sleep on.
Side note: I got new ear plugs in last night and slept amazing, blocked out ALL the noise.

We went to church, Costco with mom and dad then back to their house for lunch. The kids were excited they got to open their Christmas gifts from my parents.

The both got jammies, tattoos and slippers which were awesome. Logan got a drone then Alayna got a really cool art thing where you can learn to draw by tracing the pictures.
Of course Logan wanted to try out the drone and you really need an open space so we went to my old neighborhoods park.
  They got to play for a little bit but the park didn't last too long.
Remember I told you it was freezing, I didn't lie. My hands hurt they were so cold.

Mommy and me <3
We had SUCH a great weekend and I am SO thankful this weekend will be warm. I don't want it to be HOT but I am not a fan of freezing to death.

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