Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Just random

This will just be some random pictures so I apologize for the blog entry that isn't all that exciting. I have been slacking a little bit then I was sick for what felt like forever.... I mean 6 days is a decent amount of time.
A few weeks ago I got my hair done. I added some red in which I absolutely LOVE but it definitely needs more in my opinion. I know red is not everyones favorite but I love it. There is also some gold in there because I really can't do blonde. Bleach fries my hair in a bad bad way.

When your hubby steals your phone waiting on fat kid food at Steak N Shake. Seriously their milkshakes are amazing. I get the sea salt caramel one and it makes me so happy. Unfortunately it isn't as close as cookout but that is probably also a good thing.

 One Saturday a few weeks ago Dave and I went to dinner with my parents and sister to this place on the way out to Folly, Bohemian Bull. They all got burgers and I had shrimp n grits, SO good. I also enjoyed a yummy margarita.

It's kinda hard to see but there was a rainbow right over the church on the AFB. I thought it was so pretty.
I promise my next post will be more interesting or well it might be haha
 I seriously need a week long vacation to somewhere tropical, anyone else? It may never happen. Then again tax money could make it happen, we shall see. I keep playing around with the idea of taking the kids on a cruise or to DC. DC would obviously be easy but that would not be relaxing by any means. A cruise would be awesome but you know the fact that all 4 of us would need passports doesn't sound like fun to me. We shall see but I know SOME sort of vacation needs to happen this year.
Happy Hump Day everyone!!

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