Friday, February 24, 2017

A Folly Sunset

Totally not sunset related but mom told me how to make French toast. Sunday morning I tried it, we loved it, new obsession! Give me all the carbs.

Sunday we didn't do much during the day because Dave was studying and doing practice tests for a big test he had on Tuesday. I believe he did well which is huge for our future. Any who later in the afternoon we headed to my parents house to hang out for a bit then we went with my sister and nieces down to Folly to see the sunset.
 There were hearts spray painted all over the street on the walk down from where we parked to the lighthouse. It was really cool.
Enjoy the pics they really don't need captions.


 Ok I just have to say this picture cracks me UP! I am jumping and she is dabbing, she is a mess!

Dave and I stopped by Bohemian Bull on the way home, he pretty much forced me lol he loves that breakfast burger!
Definitely a great afternoon/evening!

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Ashley Newman said...

YUM!!! that burger looks LEGIT!!