Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day trip to Myrtle

Saturday morning I got up early and headed to JI to head to Myrtle Beach with mom, dad, and bubs for the day.
Just a cute Teddy picture from Friday 
 Bubs and I on the way up there, he did so good. He made lots of noises and loved looking around.

 We dropped him off with my sister at their hotel right on the beach. Even though it was a quick thing I still loved getting to see the beach. It was right near where we stayed for our mini honeymoon which was cool. The pier where we stayed though was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

 Here you can see the pier, it wasn't that short back in June.

 We went to the Tanger and did some major shopping. I got a ton of great deals but my best one was 2 pairs of shoes for the kids and only spent $40! Aesics are great shoes and getting them that cheap was awesome. They are a size or 2 up from their current sizes so even though they may not be able to wear them now it was still worth buying. I will have them try them on Wednesday because you never know they might can wear them now. I got clothes for all 4 of us as well so I definitely am glad we went for all the sales.

 We grabbed some lunch at Drunken Jacks in Murrels Inlet on the way home and I loved the view. I wish it had been sunny but it was still nice to chit chat with mom and dad, eat yummy food and have a view. I told Dave I definitely want to come back to this area and try one of the other restaurants too.  

 Pirate photo op! A nice lady even offered to take one of both of us so of course I said yes.
Me and daddy before we headed back.

The drunk pirate on the sign with the rum was just awesome!

 I really enjoyed the quality time with mom and dad because it is rare these days to spend that kind of time with just them. We had a really good time or at least I know I did. It was the perfect first day of a really great long weekend.

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