Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lowkey weekend

 We truly had a low key weekend this past weekend with the kids. I just didn't want to be running around like crazy and it was nice.
We picked them up Friday per usual and got home just in time for a little bit of hanging out, baths, story time then bed.
Saturday morning we went to the exchange for the guys to get haircuts then Alayna and I found 2 pairs of boots for a steal so I got them for her. Then it was off to the gym and home to get ready and head to JI. We went to hang out for a bit with the family and attempted our taxes which just didn't happen. We are ending up at H&R block which is not cheap but we need them done right. Hopefully next year we can do them ourselves again but we shall see.
Alayna had a slumber party both nights on the floor with all her stuffed animals. The way to her heart is a stuffed animal, you just can't go wrong even if she has a million and doesn't need anymore of them.
 Sunday after church we headed home for lunch then we all went to a new park to play and just enjoy the outside. I really liked this park because it had a little bit of a nature trail which was nice. I loved all the trees and they had a fun little workout area.

After the park we went to Walmart which turned out to not be our normal shopping trip. When we got there Dave opened his car door and almost hit this little old lady who was walking past with her shopping cart.
He apologized and we continued to walk toward the front and we saw her again. I told Dave I think she had lost her car because she was going up and down the aisle with bagged groceries in the cart so she was clearly done shopping. We decided we were going to make sure she was ok and sure enough she had lost her car. We helped her find it and she was so grateful. I think it was so cool that the sermon Sunday was about serving but not just in church and then this happened.
I love that the kids were there and hopefully they got something from it. I can only imagine how long she would have been looking because she was at least 5 aisles over from her car going the wrong direction. If God presents an opportunity take it, you will get so much joy from it.
Happy Wednesday friends!

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