Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jumping for the weekend

Two weekends ago we had the kids and then Dave woke up Saturday morning feeling horrible. He went back to sleep until noon and woke up even worse. The entire weekend he was absolutely miserable sick and it rained pretty much the entire time. Sick husband+rainy weekend+kids=crazy! Clearly we survived but we definitely didn't stay home all weekend or we would have gone mad.  
Silly selfie while watching the Inaugural Ball.
 So I mentioned in my last post wanting to take the kids to DC and it really all came from how fascinated they were by the Inauguration. Logan was glued to the TV and asked a lot of questions about the president. Alayna and I were more or less waiting to see what Melanias dress was going to look like. We then had the conversation about the Museum that has all the Inaugurals ball dresses in it and then my mind started going about maybe a trip.  I am thinking maybe a 3 day weekend in the fall sometime because I do not want to go when it is hot out.

I ended up working out at home Saturday morning just for pure convenience and this guy was right next to me while doing abs. I need to improve my workout equipment at home since it is lacking and I have been doing more at home workouts lately. They really are just so convenient and still effective since I started doing random pop sugar HIIT videos. Most of them no equipment is even needed though so that's definitely a plus.

 We were supposed to have our friends over to just hang out and do dinner but I knew they needed to stay clear of the sickies so we ended up meeting them over at Velocity.
This place wasn't near as awful as I imagined it to be in my head. I spent $22 and the kids had an absolute blast and jumped for an hour. I would say on a rainy day this is really perfect for kids. The place is HUGE so even though there were a ton of people it was never overwhelming.  

 Since we were early we ended up having some fun in the arcade waiting on our jump time.

 We grocery shopped then headed home and hung out the rest of the night.

Sunday the kids and I headed to church then lunch with the fam. I took a picture of this fried chicken because it seriously looked like it was the entire chicken. It was HUGE! We went to mom and dads after to just hang out and play then headed home so I could get ready for the week.

It was a pretty good weekend. This is our weekend with the kids again and no rain on the forecast and hopefully NO sickness!!! No idea what we have planned exactly but hopefully some fun. I know Dave and I want to get our taxes done so that HOPEFULLY we get some $$ back before our trip to NJ.
One more post and I will be caught up... woohoo!!

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