Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Saturday

If you don't want to see more pictures of my handsome nephew just skip this post :) 

So Dave finally got home around 12:30 last night (thank God) I am so glad he got home safely. I was pretty pre-occupied this week so it wasn't complete torture him not being here but I definitely missed him. 
So anyway he slept in this morning a little bit, I went to the gym while he chilled and started his laundry. We hung out for a little bit then headed to Harris Teeter to pick up cupcakes to take to the hospital. 
 It was Vincent's (sisters bf/baby daddy) birthday today and since he was spending most of it in the hospital we figured he would appreciate a little celebrating. He got spiderman cupcakes and a balloon, I think he liked it. 
 Dave also got to meet Oliver for the first time, he said it had been awhile since he held a brand new baby. Probably since Alayna was born and she is almost 5. 

 I of course had to get in some more baby snuggles while I was there. 

 Mommy and baby in matching pj's. She looks really good for being in the hospital and just having had a baby.
Oh and you KNOW I had me a cupcake, DELISH!! Yes I am special for these pictures haha but it was funny to have a blue mouth. It must be documented because why not. 

Dave and I were there for a good 2 hours or more then we headed to the Navy Base for him to order name tags etc for his new pin he will be adding to his uniform. He can't wear the pin until the Captain pins it on him on the 17th but he is getting everything ready to go so he can wear it all immediately. I can also say holy expensive... those uniforms are not cheap at all but I guess they are good quality so it makes up for it. Just to buy the outfit without the name tags etc is $70. 

Anywho, after the uniform shop we headed over to the commissary. I do not like the Navy Commissary compared to the AFB one. I think the AFB one is newer and bigger so that is probably why. Note to self: never shop on the Navy side. 

We got home, put up the groceries, got some chinese food (YUM) I should mention our lunch was that cupcake so we were both pretty dang hungry. We watched Lost for a bit then he passed out so now I am blogging because its not even 9 yet and this girl isn't going to bed THAT early. I know he is just exhausted from the week (mentally exhausting) then driving home from VA last night. I shall let him sleep so he should be well rested for us to go out and do something fun tomorrow hopefully. I am hoping to make it to church in the morning since we have missed the last 2 sundays. Slackers, YEP! We shall see what our Sunday looks like but I would love to get out and enjoy the day if the weather is nice.  

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!! 


Friday, January 30, 2015

Oliver Matthew

Lola and Izzy made me an Aunt and it's a pretty awesome thing now we have a nephew in the mix.
 My sister Krystal blessed our family with a little boy last night at 8:35pm via c-section. We should back track just a wee bit before that time came along. She went into the hospital wednesday night to start the whole induction process. It really started on Thursday morning with pitocin and breaking her water. Around 3pm she was ready to push, I went home to let out the dog and rushed to the hospital. I know now that I had no need to rush but I didn't know that. I figured 10cm meant it was happening and quick.
 The grandmothers in the waiting room. So yeah back to the whole pushing thing, she did that for almost 5 hours which was insane. I felt so bad for my sister I knew she had to be in pure hell. After trying to get him out that way they finally decided for a c-section.
 Bored bathroom selfie and my lovely dinner below, SO healthy! haha
 Once we found out she was having a c-section I decided to head home. I was SO tired and I knew if I stayed there was no way I was waking up early for work. So I decided I would go home get to bed and go see her this afternoon. I even called my KellBell on the way home to ensure I didn't fall asleep and I always enjoy talk to her.
 I am SO glad I made that decision. Shannon didn't get to see them before she left at 11 and mom and dad got to see him sometime after that. I would have never made it, best decision I made.
 I did get this cute little picture of him before I feel asleep and I could peacefully sleep knowing mommy and baby were just fine.

She had a rough night so I figured I wouldn't get to see them today but my luck changed. I left work around 2 and headed to the hospital. Besides some pain my sister was doing really good and baby was just so darn cute!!

 Aunt Sara holding Oliver for the first time.

 Babies first selfie with Aunt Sara, there will be many many more. Lola and Izzy take selfies with me all the time and he will be no exception. 
 Cuddling this sweet boy after my sister nursed him was amazing. I was trying to burp him but little stinker went right to sleep. I could have held him for hours it was just heavenly. Dave said he could so picture me being a mom. Maybe one day but definitely not anytime soon unless God has other plans for my life. 
 Soaking up baby snuggles before heading home. If it weren't for traffic and Teddy I would have stayed longer but I think Dave and I will go there tomorrow to visit so he can meet Oliver. 
Vincent (daddy) and baby, they looked cute so I had to take their picture together before I left.

I can't wait to see this little boy grow up and experience life. I love my nieces so much and I am so glad I get a nephew now to add to the mix. Now instead of princesses and barbies all the time we will add trucks/cars and ninjas etc. It will be fun and I know my parents are excited to have a grandson, a whole new world!!

There will definitely be more baby pictures to come but these are just the ones from today!!

To say I am in love is an understatement.


Getting healthy

So I made no new years resolutions perse BUT I did decide back in November I needed to get healthier. 
I LOVE this quote!

One thing I wanted to do was start hitting the gym hard again, taking my vitamins, drinking more water and making healthier food choices. I have been pretty successful. 
I feel skinnier and healthier!! It is an amazing feeling. I haven't eaten perfect by any means but trying. I have started walking the dog more too which helps me and he loves it. 
I also started Juice Plus which my friend sells. So far it's been a week and I feel really good and have been sleeping AMAZINGLY!!! 
So here's a minor healthy lifestyle update and I hope I can continue to be healthier and feel this great forever. 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Small post

This past weekend really wasn't all too eventful. We got the kids friday night, had dinner then we all went to bed early. 

Saturday morning was breakfast then hanging around. I was going to go to JI but plans changed. We ended up chilling around the apartment almost all day. It was a semi lazy day minus like an hr of walking/park time. 
Alayna cuddled up with Olaf watching Enchanted. She loved that movie, I don't blame her I love it. 

It was super windy so Dave and Alayna tried to fly a kite his mom sent. They were semi successful but it was having a hard time staying in the air for some reason. They still enjoyed trying and she thought it was awesome. 
Later I went to Target and they went to a park. When they got back Logan wanted to ride his bike and I needed to excercise to some extent. So we walked to the park while he rode his bike. I have been trying to walk more outside because it's just more enjoyable than a treadmill. 

Sunday was not our typical sunday at all. Dave had to drive to VA so their mom picked them up at 3. He wanted to spend time with me and them before he left so that's what we did. Although they did drop me off at the afb gym while they played at the huge park on base. We got home had lunch hung out then they all left me. 

I headed to JI for the rest of the day. I got to finally see my cousins new baby girl, Adriana. She is 3 weeks old now so she is still soooo tiny. 
I hung out with the fam for a few hours then headed home because I was so dang tired. I haven't been sleeping geeat for some reason and now him being out of town made it worse. 

This week is so far pretty chill. My friend Ashley invited me over for dinner last night which was great. Yummy food and great company. We also did our bible study we missed last week. I was glad to do it together because I probably wouldn't have done it. Just sayin. 

The rest of the week will be pretty quiet unless my nephew finally decides to show up. My sister is due any day now so it shouldn't be much longer. My 1st nephew it will be great to have some more boys in the fam. All girls around here, not even lying. 

Ok I will stop my rambling. I hope everyone had a good and warm week!! 

<3 Sara

Monday, January 19, 2015

Active day

 Today started by sleeping in, watching Lost while eating breakfast then off to the AFB gym. Dave and I worked out for about an hour and it was SO needed. I ended up in the sauna for 10 mins which felt great. I needed that sweat!

 Dave wrote some more study cards and then we headed to the Wannamaker County Park to ride bikes. Well, apparently we arrived too late 2 hrs to closing time and we were not able to rent bikes. I won't lie I was pretty bummed but we decided to go for a walk instead. We did 1.30 miles and it was so pretty and quiet. We also saw this little girl who just learned to ride her bike without training wheels, she was too cute. Her dad said she was telling everyone she saw. Hey I would probably do the same thing lol cute kid! We of course took some silly pictures and just enjoyed our time together while getting more exercise in today. 

Today was so pretty we had to be outside and I am so glad we did. Now it's almost time for some grilled bbq chicken then Tv for me and probably studying for him. I am ready to relax before having to head back to work tomorrow. 

What a great weekend with a lot of downtime which was nice since it doesn't always happen. Next weekend the kids will be here and he leaves for Virginia which that part sucks but I really hope he passes this test. If he does he will look so much better career wise and I know he will feel so accomplished. If I had to learn everything he has to learn I would freak. Going over these cards with him I am impressed he knows all this crap. It ranges from knowing the signs and treatment of heat exhaustion to all kinds of network questions. It is A LOT!! Anywho, time for dinner, I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Sunday afternoon

Sunday was not our typical Sunday since we didn't start it at church. Dave had a lot of studying to do so we spent the morning at home. I did take Teddy for a walk to get out the house. Doing flashcards isn't the most fun thing in the world but if it will help him then that is what I will do. After around 2 we were done studying and ready to get out the house to head to my parents house. 

We decided since it was a beautiful day we should make a pit stop before we went to James Island. Dave picked Brittlebank Park for our little outdoor outing. It was pretty chilly because it was really windy on the water but oh so pretty!! 

 We walked down the dock, enjoyed the view, took a few pictures then decided it was cold and time to go. haha it last maybe 30 mins tops!! I still enjoyed it regardless of it's short time frame. 

We headed to my parents house to hang with the family the rest of the evening.
 It's a jedi beagle
 We all hung out, watched the Seahawks beat GreenBay into overtime, and chatted. I got to feel my nephew in my sisters belly and it was so weird but kind of cool too. 
Sorry Dave for the not so great picture BUT Izzy was feeling her cousin inside Krystals belly and it was just too cute!

Mom and dad cooked a really yummy dinner! Steak, Shrimp, potatoes, and corn on the cob, DELISH!! The steak was my favorite, montreal seasoning on a steak is just what I love. 

Dave and I headed home to study some more and I was so over it, I won't even lie but it didn't take too long then we finished the night watching Lost. I know you are surprised by that, HAH! 

Love my family time!! 

Today we had the day off but that will be another post.