Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let's celebrate

So Friday was a pretty big day for Dave, he got his divorce finalized and let's just say we are glad that is over. A lot of money and stress involved with all that and I pray I never have to go through that but unfortunately you just never know what life will throw your way. 

Anway, he wanted to go out after work and "celebrate" so we went up to Applebees for dinner/drinks. 
 But first, a workout!! 

 They make REALLY good margaritas which is normally my drink of choice besides a beer. 
 He is officially MINE haha we both didn't love this picture but we didn't feel like taking another one. Laziness at it's finest people!
 So we decided instead of spending all of our money at Applebees we would go back to the apartment to play beer pong. He actually had a guy staying with us all week who turned out to be really cool so he joined us for the evening.  He transferred over from Guam so poor guy had nothing except clothes and had to wait a little more than a week to get an apartment. Hence why he was staying with us. 
 I think it is safe to say we may have a new friend and not just an acquaintance which is nice. It never hurts to add a new friend in the mix. He actually hung out with my friends Ashley and Mike on Wednesday when Dave took the kids to play and he really liked them too. 
 The boys taking a shot, GAG!!
 This is our ghetto version of beer pong since we don't actually have a beer pong table. Those things are just a bit too expensive and it's not worth it since this was the first we have played it since this summer. 
 This was my opinion of beer pong lol I just wasn't feeling it. I did 2 games but I was done and went to facetime kellbell. 

 We all ended up watching Lost the rest of the night, told you we were super exciting people!
Lost keeps getting more and more interesting, we are HOOKED!!

Saturday was pretty quiet. I woke up, had breakfast then went to the gym and had a pretty good workout. We hung out and went grocery shopping at the Commissary then chilled most of the day. We did go to Kirklands and bought the 3 pictures below this, I absolutely loved them all. I had 10% off coupon, a few things were already on sale THEN we used a military discount 10% too so we really saved a good bit. 

 This one is my favorite, it is hung up in our bedroom. That huge blank space now is a lot less blank!!
This we put in the hallway which is kind of like our area for Dave's awards etc so this was really perfect to put up and fill that blank space. 

Today (sunday) will probably be another quiet day besides going to my parents house later this afternoon. Dave has a huge test he is preparing for so he will be studying for a good bit today. He has another week then off to VA to take a test and do boards. I am so glad I don't have to do that, I can't handle that kind of pressure. Especially an oral board, shoot me now, not sure there is enough Xanax in the world for that haha I know he wants this pin pretty bad and he isn't shy like me so he will be good to go!

Have a great Sunday everyone!! Maybe my next post will be more interesting ;) 


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