Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love the outdoors

Today was an overall pretty good day! I didn't sleep great so I was up at 7 which really wasn't too terribly early. Normally I am up around 8ish on the weekends, welcome to adulthood. 

Anywho I got the kids up fed them breakfast then everyone got ready for church. Church was really good today and I definitely enjoyed the service. The kids LOVE going to church so we always make sure to take them. They never tell us what they learn but I know they have fun so that is what matters. 

After church we went with the Newmans to Cici's pizza for some lunch. I haven't been there in YEARS but honestly it was quite good. I had a spinach alfredo pizza and loved it. I tried their salad but ummmm the lettuce tasted like it had chemicals on it AND they didn't have cheese for the salad. So let's just say I wasted what I put on the plate. I am not consuming something that tastes like that! YUCK! 

Dave and I parted ways for a bit, he dropped me off and I went to Old Navy then to Target to spend some Birthday money and get a few groceries. Old Navy had a good sale so I got a new sports bra, a hoodie, and 3 shirts for like $40 then at Target I got me some new fitbit bands *pic below

Once I got back home I decided I wanted to get a workout in but didn't want to go to the gym. So I took Teddy for a walk and we did 1.56 miles which wasn't too bad. It wasn't some crazy intense workout but I moved my butt so that counts! It was a really pretty day so it was nice and I know Teddy enjoyed getting to go for a walk, what dog doesn't?

Dave felt bad when I got back so he took a nap, Logan was playing video games and I talked Alayna into going to a park. We decided to call the Newmans to see if they wanted to come play too. Lucky us, they did!! We ended up driving about 15 minutes ish to their neighborhood to play. Alayna wanted to go to a new park and since we were meeting them this park was perfect.

 This is Jesse as a puppy, tongue out and all, silly boy!

 She met a little girl there and they played together until we left. 
 There was even some football action going on. 
 Car selfies as we were warming up on the way back home. It got quite chilly towards the end of our playdate at the park. BRRR!! My phone said it was 57 but Ashley and I both think it was a bit chillier than that. 

Thank you Newmans for coming with us and having fun!! I love spending time with them, they are super positive and supportive friends! We are very lucky to have them in our lives and a plus the kids get along well and that is awesome!

Dave took the kids back to their mommy and I am ready to watch Lost and then fall asleep early. I am one sleepy girl tonight. By the way after 10 episodes of Lost we are finally into it, so we will be watching this one for awhile. I think there is like 100 something episodes, it's crazy!!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend I hope this week will be good and maybe a tad bit warmed, I HOPE!!


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