Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mepkin Abbey-Moncks Corner

Dave and I both had Friday off of work to make our weekend a 4 day weekend. We had nothing planned honestly for the 4 days but we always come up with something to do. A friend of his at work had told him about Mepkin Abbey so we decided to head out there for an hour. I went once as a kid with one of my aunts but honestly didn't have much memory of it. We explored the gardens and a cemetery also saw the farm they have from a distance but visitors are not allowed around there. Oh and we never saw a monk. 

 No alligators were seen but I definitely looked. Probably a bit too chilly for them.

 I found this cross to be so pretty in the middle of a cemetery. Then Dave tells me I was stepping on someones grave, woops!! no disrespect intended! 

I don't really need to caption  all the pictures but the area was so pretty and SO quiet. I don't think I have ever been somewhere SO quiet with other people around. We only saw about 5 people but still, it was so peaceful and we enjoyed exploring a new place. It is definitely at least a one time see if you are in the area (Moncks Corner). I am sure we won't go back but I did think it would be a beautiful spot for bridal portraits but I have a very long time before that is even a consideration. 

Today was a really quiet day, we wanted to go to the Yorktown but the weather was yucky. I am hoping to be able to go tomorrow but we shall see. They are running a special this weekend where you pay what you can. So basically instead of $45 total Dave and I could go for $2. Can we say DEAL! So let's hope the weather cooperates and we can go after church. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


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