Friday, January 2, 2015

Goodwill for the win

Dave ended up having the kids for a few hours yesterday because they missed him. We had them for like 7 days so it was mommys turn but a few hours with daddy couldn't hurt. 

They had lunch then played with their new toys they got for Christmas. It was great to see them playing with toys instead of tv and video games. They are definitely not lacking in the toy dept anymore! 
We went to the mall for ice cream, them to play and Dave to get a wrench for their bikes. 

We got home and Dave put training wheels on Alaynas new bike and new pedals on Logans. So about the bikes, we got them 50% off at Goodwill so together they were $6. All we needed was new pedals for logans and we were in business. 
They absolutely loved getting to ride bikes. We went to the park, they rode we walked. It was great because I didn't get to the gym yesterday so at least I got a good mile in for a walk. :) win for everyone! 
Don't these bikes look awesome for $6?? Man I will need to look in Goodwill more often. 

We played for a little bit then it got colder so we headed home for dinner then back to mommy. Dave and I ended the evening watching Revolution, our new Netflix show!! 

I hope today will be just as eventful and with a workout!! 

<3 Sara

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Laura LeaMond said...

What an awesome find on the bikes!