Monday, January 19, 2015

Active day

 Today started by sleeping in, watching Lost while eating breakfast then off to the AFB gym. Dave and I worked out for about an hour and it was SO needed. I ended up in the sauna for 10 mins which felt great. I needed that sweat!

 Dave wrote some more study cards and then we headed to the Wannamaker County Park to ride bikes. Well, apparently we arrived too late 2 hrs to closing time and we were not able to rent bikes. I won't lie I was pretty bummed but we decided to go for a walk instead. We did 1.30 miles and it was so pretty and quiet. We also saw this little girl who just learned to ride her bike without training wheels, she was too cute. Her dad said she was telling everyone she saw. Hey I would probably do the same thing lol cute kid! We of course took some silly pictures and just enjoyed our time together while getting more exercise in today. 

Today was so pretty we had to be outside and I am so glad we did. Now it's almost time for some grilled bbq chicken then Tv for me and probably studying for him. I am ready to relax before having to head back to work tomorrow. 

What a great weekend with a lot of downtime which was nice since it doesn't always happen. Next weekend the kids will be here and he leaves for Virginia which that part sucks but I really hope he passes this test. If he does he will look so much better career wise and I know he will feel so accomplished. If I had to learn everything he has to learn I would freak. Going over these cards with him I am impressed he knows all this crap. It ranges from knowing the signs and treatment of heat exhaustion to all kinds of network questions. It is A LOT!! Anywho, time for dinner, I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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