Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Birthday and NYE

So as I said in my last post yesterday was my 28th birthday! It was truly a great day even though I worked the morning! 

The day before Dave gave me my 2 gifts. One was a beautiful Michael Kors wallet which I love and I get a stepper. I can't wait to burn some calories while watching tv! 

So my day started with Dave singing me happy birthday at 6am while I showered. I headed to work and got 2 cards and a cake. It was super nice of them to do that because I expected nothing. 
The cake and card from my aunt :)

I got off work around noon, did 30 mins on the treadmill, headed to Target then home for a bit. 
Dave and I headed to pick up my massive cake then headed to James Island for my party. 
This sunset was so pretty!!

This cake was HUGE!!! 4 layers of chocolate and frosting! Delicious but I don't think anyone finished an entire piece. 
I got a birthday foot rub :) honestly he does this often. He's a keeper! 

So my parents put together a really nice party which consisted mainly of family. My friend Cynthia from work came too and it was so nice to spend time with her and for her to meet my family. 
Aunt Susan, Isabelle and Lola before things got started. 
Uncle David and Aunt Theresa, the firework gurus! They are the reason we have a show every year! :) 
Lola, Dave and Shannon, so cute! 
Me and my boy! 
Shannon, Susan, Lola, Amanda, Theresa and Izzy with their kazoos!! 

Dad had a fire outside and it was so nice to be around since it was quite chilly outside. 

Oyster time! Dave had his very first oyster, he said it was ok but gooey! I had a few too but I only like the smaller ones. 

Being silly with my sis and the sparkling grape juice. We party hard around here ;)

A few pics of mommy and her girls :)

Even a silly face! :)

My party was just what I wanted it to be. Thank you again to mom and dad for their hard work and $$ to put this together. I do appreciate it :) and thank you to everyone else who brought food and fireworks! It was a great party to close out 2014! 

I pray that 2015 brings health and happiness to everyone!! 

Day 1 has already been a good one, more on that later! 

<3 Sara

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