Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random post

This is a very random post because work is slow and I am bored!! I am going to need work to pick up a little bit before I lose my mind over here! Anywho, so monday was a great day for me!! Worked all day (not the great part) BUTTTTTT after work I headed to Best Buy and got this installed in my car. 
I have wanted one of these since I got my car 6 years ago! I was hoping it would fix my problem with hardly hearing my radio but nope, I need some new speakers. Best buy quoted $375, yeah I will be checking around because that is VERY expensive. I will say though for aome reason it does sound better when I play the music from my phone so that's a plus. 

I hung out with Dave that evening and he cooked stuffed chicken for dinner. While he did that I enjoyed this pretty sunset on the balcony.  I truly love seeing the sunrise and sunset. They are truly beautiful and the colors are breathtaking. Now that the sun is setting earlier I am getting to see it more often. 

Stuffed chicken (peppers and cheese) he did a good job just need to add veggies so I don't get fat! Haha I am not going to gain weight like most people when they get in a relationship and get happy and eat more. Luckily he likes cooking so eating out won't happen too often! 

I am also so looking forward to this weekend. Friday night I am going to a coffee house event at church which should be fun! Saturday bootcamp statts back up and going to my works oyster roast. I have never been to a work event but I am looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully the weather will be nice and we can all enjoy it. Sunday the weather looks like it may be nice so the beach or the battery for a walk may happen. I love the weather changing because it makes me want to go out and actually do stuff. 

Be blessed!! 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lots o FUN!!

Ok seriously this weekend was so much fun!! I am glad I ended it with a chill evening. 
Friday night the boy and I met up with my bff Kelly and her hubby Josh for dinner at Sesame then out for some bowling. This was their first time meeting Dave aka: the boy. I was so glad they all got along and liked eachother so much! We seriously had the best time. Josh put us to shame with his amazing bowling skills. I sucked haha but it was fun regardless. I wish Kelly could have bowled but she is pregnant so no bowling for her! 

Saturday I went to the gym as normal then went to my friends daughters 3rd birthday party. It was so cute, I loved the Minnie mouse theme! It was also a nice sunny afternoon so we got to enjoy the sunshine on their back patio! I still can't believe she is 3, I was there at the hospital the day she was born and it doesn't feel that long ago. 

I hung out with the boy after the party! We went shopping to Best Buy and Old Navy! He bought me a stereo to have installed in my car tomorrow!! I am excited to finally get rid of the stock radio and have one that works properly. It has been broken for over a year. We watched The Strangers on his new tv later! Great tv and ridiculously creepy movie!! Apparently it is based off actual events and that made it even creepier. It's nice to finally be hanging out with him since we were friends and only talking for 6 months or so! Excited to see where this will go but taking things slower and trying to do things right this time. Like being picked up for actual dates haha I like that! I have always had guys wanna just meet places or even have me pick them up.  Be a gentleman and pick the girl up for dates!  
Me being silly with a fry in my mouth haha

Today was church then went to Smokey Oak for lunch with both Shannons and the kiddos! The salad I had was delicious and the mimosa I had with it was great too! ;) felt awkward when the pastor walked by and said hey with my mimosa in front of me! We saw him at the gym later as well! I guess our day looked the same except I added in walmart, burke outlet and the dollar store! 

I also ended today with a super yummy dinner mom cooked and an eclair cake my sister made. I had a little bit but just know I wanted a plate full. It was rather delicious! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend because I sure did! 

<3 Sara

Monday, February 17, 2014

Crazy good weekend

This weekend started off kinda rough! I picked up my nieces from school and went to the dollar tree to wait on my sis to meet us. Izzy is highly allergic to peanuts and apparently ate a reeses from her Valentines bag in my car. Puking, yawning and sneezing later led to us finding out she ate it. Met a firetruck at walgreens, gave her the epi pin and she headed via ems to MUSC Childrens hospital. She is just fine thank goodness. We are so blessed that God was watching over her and helped me and my sister save her life. I know this may sound odd to some BUT. This was my Mamas birthday and I kept talking to her asking to help Izzy. I got home and couldn't sleep because of everything and I felt a hand on my foot, as if to comfort me. I truly believe it was my mama telling me it's all OK! Moments like that have to make you believe in God and heaven.

I did end the night with a valentine card and candy from mom and dad so that made it better too! :)  

Saturday I went to the gym to get some endorphins. Then I went to see the Boys new apartment and we went to the Base Exchange and commissary. I liked shopping on base, prices are so much better. We hung out later and ate some pizza and watched a super weird mo ie called The Conjuring. It was nice to hang out and not be at work. 

Sunday I went to church and then a picnic at the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park. It was such a beautiful day and combined with good company It was a good day! 

Bathroom selfie! Don't hate! 

And completely off topic, kinda! I saw this bag at the base exchange and I want it SO bad!!! I have seen it on pinterest and finally in person! Ahhhh I can't justify the purchase but definitely want it! 

<3 Sara

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

First I want to wish my Mama a happy birthday! Even though she is in heaven I can still say it :) 
So normally I am not all into Valentines Day. That is probably because I have either been single or been with boyfriends who were lame and didn't make it anything special. It doesn't have to be elaborate but a little something never hurts. Well this year my valentine did not dissappoint. No he is not my boyfriend but we have been friends/talking for a few months. 
I came into work and this was waiting on me at my desk! How cute is this?!? All the ladies at work have stopped in to look at all my stuff! I am not going to lie it made me feel pretty special! 
I didn't really have any valentines shirts or anything red but I did wear my new Old Navy shirt saying Love More! It works for today and very comfortable! 

Happy Valentines Day!

<3 Sara

Monday, February 10, 2014


Let me just start out saying I LOVE IKEA! Yesterday me, my Aunt Christine, Kimberly and Dave went to Charlotte for the day for some shopping! The craziest part, I only bought myself hangers haha I have no clue how that happened! Everyone else bought alot and I got stuff for my mom so it was definitely still worth the trip. 

Even though it was only for the day it was nice to get out of Charleston for a bit. The ladies and myself are already thinking a day trip to Savannah may have to happen soon. I absolutely love Savannah so I will never turn down a trip to go. I also would love a trip back up to the Biltmore. I guess I better start saving more money for all that to happen! 

Happy Monday ya'll! 

<3 Sara

Friday, February 7, 2014

Is this the south??

Last week Charleston got a bit of weather we are not used to which consisted of all this white stuff ;) haha It def looked like snow but most of it was just sleet so walking made quite the crunching noise. I realized quickly I could never live somewhere this happens often. I had cabin fever after less than a whole day. I escaped to the gym and went to Walmart. I don't think I have ever spent that much time alone in walmart. I took my time and looked at everything. Gotta love a "snow day" I did have 2.5 days off. 

Tuesday was much more fun! I went to chuck e cheese with my friend, her little boy and the little girl she babysits. It took me back to my childhood when my Mama and Papa would take me and my cousin Scott. I know Scott and I both cherish those memories with them. We had so much fun when we would go there! 

I hope we don't see anymore of this stuff anytime soon! 

<3 Sara