Monday, February 17, 2014

Crazy good weekend

This weekend started off kinda rough! I picked up my nieces from school and went to the dollar tree to wait on my sis to meet us. Izzy is highly allergic to peanuts and apparently ate a reeses from her Valentines bag in my car. Puking, yawning and sneezing later led to us finding out she ate it. Met a firetruck at walgreens, gave her the epi pin and she headed via ems to MUSC Childrens hospital. She is just fine thank goodness. We are so blessed that God was watching over her and helped me and my sister save her life. I know this may sound odd to some BUT. This was my Mamas birthday and I kept talking to her asking to help Izzy. I got home and couldn't sleep because of everything and I felt a hand on my foot, as if to comfort me. I truly believe it was my mama telling me it's all OK! Moments like that have to make you believe in God and heaven.

I did end the night with a valentine card and candy from mom and dad so that made it better too! :)  

Saturday I went to the gym to get some endorphins. Then I went to see the Boys new apartment and we went to the Base Exchange and commissary. I liked shopping on base, prices are so much better. We hung out later and ate some pizza and watched a super weird mo ie called The Conjuring. It was nice to hang out and not be at work. 

Sunday I went to church and then a picnic at the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park. It was such a beautiful day and combined with good company It was a good day! 

Bathroom selfie! Don't hate! 

And completely off topic, kinda! I saw this bag at the base exchange and I want it SO bad!!! I have seen it on pinterest and finally in person! Ahhhh I can't justify the purchase but definitely want it! 

<3 Sara

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