Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random post

This is a very random post because work is slow and I am bored!! I am going to need work to pick up a little bit before I lose my mind over here! Anywho, so monday was a great day for me!! Worked all day (not the great part) BUTTTTTT after work I headed to Best Buy and got this installed in my car. 
I have wanted one of these since I got my car 6 years ago! I was hoping it would fix my problem with hardly hearing my radio but nope, I need some new speakers. Best buy quoted $375, yeah I will be checking around because that is VERY expensive. I will say though for aome reason it does sound better when I play the music from my phone so that's a plus. 

I hung out with Dave that evening and he cooked stuffed chicken for dinner. While he did that I enjoyed this pretty sunset on the balcony.  I truly love seeing the sunrise and sunset. They are truly beautiful and the colors are breathtaking. Now that the sun is setting earlier I am getting to see it more often. 

Stuffed chicken (peppers and cheese) he did a good job just need to add veggies so I don't get fat! Haha I am not going to gain weight like most people when they get in a relationship and get happy and eat more. Luckily he likes cooking so eating out won't happen too often! 

I am also so looking forward to this weekend. Friday night I am going to a coffee house event at church which should be fun! Saturday bootcamp statts back up and going to my works oyster roast. I have never been to a work event but I am looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully the weather will be nice and we can all enjoy it. Sunday the weather looks like it may be nice so the beach or the battery for a walk may happen. I love the weather changing because it makes me want to go out and actually do stuff. 

Be blessed!! 


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