Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lots o FUN!!

Ok seriously this weekend was so much fun!! I am glad I ended it with a chill evening. 
Friday night the boy and I met up with my bff Kelly and her hubby Josh for dinner at Sesame then out for some bowling. This was their first time meeting Dave aka: the boy. I was so glad they all got along and liked eachother so much! We seriously had the best time. Josh put us to shame with his amazing bowling skills. I sucked haha but it was fun regardless. I wish Kelly could have bowled but she is pregnant so no bowling for her! 

Saturday I went to the gym as normal then went to my friends daughters 3rd birthday party. It was so cute, I loved the Minnie mouse theme! It was also a nice sunny afternoon so we got to enjoy the sunshine on their back patio! I still can't believe she is 3, I was there at the hospital the day she was born and it doesn't feel that long ago. 

I hung out with the boy after the party! We went shopping to Best Buy and Old Navy! He bought me a stereo to have installed in my car tomorrow!! I am excited to finally get rid of the stock radio and have one that works properly. It has been broken for over a year. We watched The Strangers on his new tv later! Great tv and ridiculously creepy movie!! Apparently it is based off actual events and that made it even creepier. It's nice to finally be hanging out with him since we were friends and only talking for 6 months or so! Excited to see where this will go but taking things slower and trying to do things right this time. Like being picked up for actual dates haha I like that! I have always had guys wanna just meet places or even have me pick them up.  Be a gentleman and pick the girl up for dates!  
Me being silly with a fry in my mouth haha

Today was church then went to Smokey Oak for lunch with both Shannons and the kiddos! The salad I had was delicious and the mimosa I had with it was great too! ;) felt awkward when the pastor walked by and said hey with my mimosa in front of me! We saw him at the gym later as well! I guess our day looked the same except I added in walmart, burke outlet and the dollar store! 

I also ended today with a super yummy dinner mom cooked and an eclair cake my sister made. I had a little bit but just know I wanted a plate full. It was rather delicious! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend because I sure did! 

<3 Sara

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