Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl

So yesterday my friend Angela and I took our dogs out to Folly to check out the waves. Since Hurricane Earl was churning through the Atlantic the waves were INSANE. We walked to the Morris Island Lighthouse and it was gorgeous. Enjoy the pics!

<3 Sara

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roomie Aniv

Yesterday was Kelly and I's one year aniverssary living in our apartment. So all day we basically cleaned the entire apartment. Which needed to happen so very badly. Then we decided to go out for a drink and celebrate. So we headed out to one of our fave places VooDoo. I had not been there in a LONG time. So it was nice to be back. We got there at 7 and met this really cool guy who was a little older but definitely fun to talk to. Once we were done with VooDoo we headed to a new place for me Genes Haufbrau (sp?). That place was NOT what I thought it was going to be. Basically its a bar with a ton of games. They had pool, shuffleboard, darts, foozball, jenga (I rocked), connect 4, chess, and checkers. We played ALL of those except pool and darts. haha Kelly dominated which was hilarious and I sucked at all the games but I am ok with that. I have never been really good at games. Anywho we spent 6 hours out last night but it was SO fun. Neither of us were drunk so it was just a gooood time. We met 2 guys but both older so no potentials there but they were def good company. Here are some pics!

<3 Sara

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Circus Party

First off I would like to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY!!!! You are probably at work but I still hope you have a great day!! I love you lots!!! "

So this past weekend was a pretty darn great one! Friday after work I went to Best Buy with my friend Angela and bought my new computer. Which I am loving!! Its a Dell and its RED! I wanted the green but they were out and really whats the big deal about a color? But I do love the red too! Then we went and had some dinner at McAllisters Deli in Mt. Pleasant. That place is pretty yummy but I have to say my fave thing to eat there is the Mac N Cheese. I really should just order that and a drink and I would be happy. We also went to Kohls and then to the Towne Center. All in all a good evening minus the fact that every store has crappy cheaply made shirts. I wanted to buy a cute new shirt but they all are like paper thin and expensive.

Saturday I was pretty lazy all morning! Kelly and I watched the movie Its Complicated which is always a great movie. Then I went with my sister and the girls to a birthday party followed by the Circus Party. My aunts threw the party for my little cousin Matthew and it really was pretty neat. They have done different parties in the past but this is the first one I have ever been to. Enjoy some pics! :)

My aunt and her boyfriend aka: Tootie and Bozo

Lola taking a picture break from the show

Isabelle doing what she does best. Eating Aunt Sara's Blackberry

Shannon and myself

the kids being CRAZY! Look at Matthew (far right) his face is priceless

And for some reason they were sitting under the kitchen table?

The best clowns ever, no really they were AWESOME!

This was part of their skit I thought it was too funny!

Isabelle, Grammy and I all stayed inside for awhile because it was SO hot. So we took pictures!

This is Tootie and me! <3>

Sunday Kelly and I tried a new church, Crosstowne, its off of Bees Ferry Road. It was a really good church rather long though. I am used to pretty much being in and out in like an hour and I think they were an hour and a half. But it was good the music wasn't GREAT but it wasn't bad. The music is what always keeps me going back to my parents church. I just LOVE Coastal's worship band. And the sermon is always great too but its just not for me. Still searching for MY church! After we went to lunch with a guy who invited us to the church and he really was awesome. He kept asking what he could pray for us about, help us with concerning our walk with God etc. Really just awesome its nice to know great Christian guys are still out there. Its rare now a days! After that lunch I went to lunch at my parents house however I was not hungry so no food for me. I did however really enjoy spending time with all my family. At one point I had my laptop in the kitchen playing music. Lola was singing some and my family even started dancing to Thriller! Now that was too funny. I really love my family! I have gotten closer to them since I moved out. Kinda odd how that works but I guess now I just spend more quality time with them when im at the house. :) After that I picked Kelly up from her parents house *we carpooled* and went home. We ended up at Walmart, NEVER EVER go to Walmart on a Sunday afternoon it was PACKED. We waited forever in the SHORTEST line! I don't know if their employees are just getting slower or what but im getting close to not wanting to shop there anymore. It's so ridiculous! Anyways thats my weekend in a nutshell!! Hope you enjoyed the pics from the Party!!!

I hope everyone's Monday is good. Im praying mine is a good one I am not in the mood for ANOTHER bad Monday.

<3 Sara

Monday, July 5, 2010

Friends in Town

Well hello there blog world. A couple of people have asked where the new blog posts were and I guess I have just been lazy. So here is a post about my 4th of July Weekend.

I had my friend Susan and her friend Anna come into town from Charlotte. It was odd having 2 people stay the weekend I realized how SMALL my apartment really is. But we had a great time. They came in Saturday and we went to lunch at Gilligans we all had fish. they loved it I am not really into FISH. YUCK! Then we headed downtown for a photoshoot and so anna could take lots of pictures of Charleston for a project she was working on.

A view from high battery.

Susan and I with WIND BLOWN hair


Susan and Anna, Love this picture!

Rainbow Row

Susan and I at the pineapple fountain

Anna and Susan

Aren't we so cute?

This one is better :)

The coolest frog outside Ben and Jerry's I wish I could take him home

She was peaking over someones gate and their backyard was AWESOME

And since it was the 4th of July Weekend here ya go :)

There were a lot more pictures but my computer is broken so I can't post them. I have had these sitting for 2 weeks waiting to be posted. :) Plus the others are in bathing suits so im not really WANTING to post those anyways.

Hope all is well with everyone. Ill try to post more but I doubt it will happen because I won't have a personal computer until probably the beggining of August. I am thinking about buying a mini dell but I need to shop around and see what will be best for me.

OH and im heading to Dallas Texas in a month. SO excited to get out of Charleston and away from work and drama. Btw I am single now been that way for about 2 weeks. I guess my Mr. Right is still out there and I hope he finds me eventually. I don't want to be that old lady with tons of dogs. I would say cats but I can't stand cats! They are just plain evil!

Ok thats all for now. That felt like a jumbled post! :)

<3 Sara

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Weekend in Alcolu

This past weekend after Lola's birthday party I headed to the country. My boyfriend is from a TINY town called Alcolu. Before we even REALLY got into Manning (pretty much where he lives) there was a 10-50 (accident)

That's actually my boyfriend in the picture but it was hard to get a good picture
So we leave that car accident and then he gets 2 fire calls and has to respond with the fire truck. unfortunately since I am not allowed to ride in the fire truck I had to stay at the station. I tried to take the above picture but obviously it didn't turn out very good.

Later that evening we went to another car accident on 95! It sure was interesting!

I love being in the country. It has a certain peacefulness about it I really do love it. I took some pictures while he went to yet ANOTHER call.

I love the corn fields behind his house.

I took some pictures of his house because A. I was bored and B. I need to redecorate POTENTIALLY haha

He is definitely not obsessed with his job. That is definitely NOT a fireman hall of fame hallway haha
This is what I got him for his birthday! I finally got a picture of it...
Bored waiting on him to come back from a call

There was a HORRIBLE storm so we went to survey the damage. And he got ANOTHER call. So that was a total of 6 calls in 24 hours. So I took some pictures yet again.

This is pretty much what everything looks like around his place. This is at the fire station. I should have taken a picture of it because it was a shack.

Well that was my exciting time in Alcolu. Hopefully next time it will be less rainy and we can actually go out and really do stuff. We did watch some movies and eat at I-HOP. It was a chill time.

Im so excited I get to spend a lot of time with the bf this week. he is taking a class in Charleston so he is staying with me a lot. YAY!!! :)

<3 Sara