Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Weekend in Alcolu

This past weekend after Lola's birthday party I headed to the country. My boyfriend is from a TINY town called Alcolu. Before we even REALLY got into Manning (pretty much where he lives) there was a 10-50 (accident)

That's actually my boyfriend in the picture but it was hard to get a good picture
So we leave that car accident and then he gets 2 fire calls and has to respond with the fire truck. unfortunately since I am not allowed to ride in the fire truck I had to stay at the station. I tried to take the above picture but obviously it didn't turn out very good.

Later that evening we went to another car accident on 95! It sure was interesting!

I love being in the country. It has a certain peacefulness about it I really do love it. I took some pictures while he went to yet ANOTHER call.

I love the corn fields behind his house.

I took some pictures of his house because A. I was bored and B. I need to redecorate POTENTIALLY haha

He is definitely not obsessed with his job. That is definitely NOT a fireman hall of fame hallway haha
This is what I got him for his birthday! I finally got a picture of it...
Bored waiting on him to come back from a call

There was a HORRIBLE storm so we went to survey the damage. And he got ANOTHER call. So that was a total of 6 calls in 24 hours. So I took some pictures yet again.

This is pretty much what everything looks like around his place. This is at the fire station. I should have taken a picture of it because it was a shack.

Well that was my exciting time in Alcolu. Hopefully next time it will be less rainy and we can actually go out and really do stuff. We did watch some movies and eat at I-HOP. It was a chill time.

Im so excited I get to spend a lot of time with the bf this week. he is taking a class in Charleston so he is staying with me a lot. YAY!!! :)

<3 Sara


Anonymous said...

Tell me Leroy does not still have his Christmas tree up? Ha Ha!

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