Thursday, June 10, 2010


I don't know why but I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. However, It really has only been a couple of days. Hmm! I was trying to be better about it just because I love going back and reading through them.

Anyways, This past weekend was pretty good. Did a lot of nothing! haha I did however buy all my groceries and try out a new church. I will not post the name of the church but I will say its in North Charleston. I would consider it one of those high profile churches so my expectations were high. But I was HIGHLY disappointed by the service. It was a Saturday service which I really love BUT I felt as though I was at a political ralley. Maybe one day I will care about politics but right now I just don't. I don't know if its my age or what but its just not something of interest for me. So therefore church that evening wasn't my fave. I don't think the pastor referenced the bible even once or said God or anything. It was just an odd service for me. After the service Norrissia and I went to Longhorns for an appetizer which was very yummy. I haven't been there since FOREVER. I love it but its just not one of those places I think about often.

Sunday I slept in and took Kodie to my parents house. Mom and I watched Wall-E which was SO cute. It's not your typical movie but its so cute and the graphics were just amazing. It was blu-ray and on one of those nice new big tvs. Kodie ended up staying the night so I could get pest control for the apartment Monday. And when I left him I felt like I was leaving my child. He may drive me crazy sometimes but I was sad to leave him. It was quite odd never felt that before.

This week work has just basically sucked. I am done doing my inventory but now comes the spreadsheets and if thats not enough they add other things on top of it. I think they are taking advantage because they know I won't say no and my boss is out of town. She would be the one saying the no. So today I had to deliver a bunch of newspapers. I know I really helped out the lady who normally does it but I think there are a couple of interns who probably should have done this instead. Oh well! While on my deliveries I stopped by a ladies office who is hilarious! I always love to visit but I dont get over there very often. When I walked in she freaked out. She said I JUST CALLED YOU! We were both a little freaked out haha just a weird coincidence! haha! ANYWAYS the reason she called was to give me a MICHAEL BUBLE CD!!!

I posted on Facebook that I was in love with him. His music is so soothing to the soul and im listening to it now and no longer stressed. I have been so stressed with work I haven't slept really in 3 days. And now I just feel better. So im thinking tonight I might try to fall asleep to this cd. Maybe JUST maybe Ill get some sleep.

Seriously though, how awesome does it feel when someone does something nice for you just because. She didn't have to give me that cd but she knew I would love it and thought of me. SO NICE! I told her she totally made my day and I was not joking.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday. One of my bosses made me chicken salad for lunch and im so excited! People around here are so nice sometimes!!

<3 Sara

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