Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How odd

So sometimes I randomly just google pictures, things whatever. Well today I wanted a pretty tropical Island picture for my desktop and found this. HOW WEIRD. This is an inside "tropical Island" its in a dome in Germany. I just found this to be SO odd. People are literally swimming at this island in the picture. You would think if they went through all the trouble to bulid a fake island in a dome they might just make it more interesting looking. Nope guess not! Just thought I would share this information. It was too odd not to!

Oh and I have a doctors appointment today so im praying everything goes well. I need to find out why I have been so sick lately. Im starting to wonder if there is something bad in my apartment. I was hardly EVER sick when I lived with my parents. Good thing im moving back... Hmm that will be another post soon.

<3 Sara

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