Friday, February 26, 2010

Layla Grace

This morning I read about this little girl Layla Grace. She has stage 4 cancer and has been given a short time to live. Hospice is now involved and they are trying to just keep her comfortable. To read more about her story go HERE

Please keep her family in your prayers!!

<3 Sara

Thursday, February 25, 2010


You know sometimes I wish there was a button on the blog that could keep a post private.
Sometimes I just need a place to vent and for the most part I do that on my blog in a nice kind of way.

Anyways today I quit something that I didn't REALLY want to quit. BUT when I looked at all I have going on it was the one thing I felt almost ok with quitting. I hate quitting anything but I put a little too much on my plate. I honestly feel bad for little Kodie hes alone ALOT since things got a little busier. :(

So for now I will keep my workouts everyday, continue and grow with the middle school youth group this makes me really happy thanks to a girl named Courtney, Zumba, church, family time and some QT with ME! THats one thing lately thats stressed me out the most, Thinking I dont have enough time for ME. You know I also wish I made more time for my famiy... I miss them A LOT! In fact I might go see them tonight... yes you know what I will! Im in a weird place right now and im trying to figure it all out and still have everyone happy. Its almost like a chaotic feeling like your free falling and flailing (sp?) about. Is that even a word? I have no idea. I hope people reading this dont think im absolutely crazy haha just a 23 year old girl trying to figure out life. and make me happy!

<3 Sara

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OH MY GOSH I HAD THE BEST WORKOUT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did an entire hour of straight cardio! There is no exaggeration when I say an hour! And it was my first time back in the gym in like um 4 months... BUT I had been working out with Angel. Being a wife and mom is hard sometimes so Angel can't always work out. SO instead of just not working out on those days I will be heading back to the gym! And what was cool is I saw my friend Mikey who is also my small group leader. It was nice to see someone there that I knew. Even if it was just to say hey! So I guess I will keep my gym membership and kick butt there whenever Angel is busy or Joshiepoo is sick (like today)!!

AND I want to figure out their Zumba class schedule and JOIN! Prisca has gotten me LOVING zumba even if I have ZERO coordination!

ahhh Love life today!!

<3 Sara

Not So Wordless Wendesday

I So want to be this skinny again!! I have got to start working on it! Not just for looks but for my health!!

<3 Sara

Wishful Wednesday

So yesterday at work while I was BORED OUT OF MY MIND answering the switchboard I was reading blogs like they were going out of style. Anyways Kelsey at The Seattle Smiths had a wishful wednesday topic up that I figured I would participate in. You should play along too.

'I wish' .... I could play a character's role in a book and it would be __________!

I wish I could play Bella in Twilight. I mean hello Edward was insanely cute and the way the story is just seemed like such a great adventure. Of course I would not want my real life to be like this at all seeing as I do not believe in vampires or anything of that nature. I think I read the first book in like 2 days. Luckily for me reading Twilight made me realize that I absolutely LOVE to read.

So who would you want to play if you could be any character? Go back to Kelsey's blog and link up to read everyone else's answers! I have a feeling Twilight might be a popular one but im excited to see what everyone else says.

<3 Sara

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm a...

SLACKER! I have decided tonight I have got to stop being scared/shy of situations and put myself out there. There are places I know that I need to be and I try to talk myself out of these situations. Well I have GOT to stop! Im praying about this because I dont know what else to do!! ahhh!!! I am my own worst enemy and this whole shyness thing is getting on my nerves!!!!!

<3 Sara

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hampton Park

Here are the pics from Hampton Park yesterday!! It was such a great day and I love the pictures! We are finally able to get some smiling pictures of Isabelle! Hope you enjoy!

<3 Sara

NO shame

haha that was somewhat the theme for this event. "No shame in my game" haha! Yesterday Shannon, Lola, Isabelle and myself went to Hampton Park for a couple of hours. The weather was just too gorgeous not to be outside. I have a TON more pictures that I will add later probably tonight. However, I was looking at my phone pics this morning and had to post.

Lola had wanted to ride her bike and so she brought it with us. Well most of Hampton Park is grass or dirt. They do have paved trails but they were not really where we were. Anyways, Lola decided she was DONE with her bike and I didn't want to be hunched over pushing it back to the car. Therefore I went with the next best thing. Lets RIDE the mini Barbie bike with the tiniest seat EVER. Lets just say it was a good laugh and my butt HURT afterwards. Lola was laughing hysterically at me! I think I got a few good laughs from people I passed including a dog training class. :) Hey all in good fun!! Plus that little bike goes FAST!!!

Enjoy the pics ill add the rest of the pictures later tonight (maybe)!

Happy Monday!!

<3 Sara

Friday, February 19, 2010

Charleston Egg Drop

Go to THIS website for more information

If you live in Charleston, Sc, this is where you need to be April 3rd! Last year it was awesome and everyone had a great time! You don't want to miss it! Now I just need to figure out what I want to do to help. :) Hope to see you there.

<3 Sara


Look at him in Moe's bed with all the boys toys! This is what he was doing before I left for NYC. I don't think I have posted this picture but it makes me laugh. I saw it in my phone this morning! Poor Moe wouldn't sleep in his bed for a week.

Also, I got a little bit more sleep last night and am feeling a bit better this morning. I can't let work get the best of me and ruin my days. You are supposed to life live to the fullest and thats not happening. So hopefully today will be great and this weekend will be better. Oh and I got my tax money this morning so I can almost pay off my credit card which makes me SUPER happy!!! Im glad I checked the mail this morning. And im hoping I can eat something later but my tummy has been so upset im scared too. Oh well! weight loss haha just kidding.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

<3 Sara

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is beginning to be the worst 6 letter word EVER. Lately work has just been really crazy. Lots of new requests coming in that I have to figure out literally how to fill them. Purchases that I have never done, finding things that dont seem to honestly exist, helping customers who are ungrateful etc. I am normally a very chill happy person but within the last month or so I have just let the stress build and build until now when im about ready to burst. I HATE this feeling I can't let stress take over my life. I feel like I am always tired and rundown. I even talked to Claudia who retired in Sept whos job I do along with the one I did before she left. Now most days honestly I love working in the library its just lately I do not care for it much. I don't mean to use my blog as a place to vent but then again why not... not many people read it anyway besides family and a couple of others. I just pray that things get better. Its just interesting that as soon as I start building my relationship with God that things start to go this way. The Devil is working overtime right now and I can't let him win... I won't! If you are reading this and are one that believes in God and prayer I ask that you pray for me. I want to be back to my normal self but better. I want to be able to not feel physically/mentally sick from stress. Just this week I have not been able to excercise, go to youth group and I left small group early. oh and they played dodgeball at youth group totally bummed I missed that. Not that I am any good at it but who cares! I just need to be back to normal. Kelly prayed over me tonight and I read some awesome stuff tonight in the bible. I took a melatonin pill to sleep which is just a nice vitamin I believe. Tomorrow is a new day and its going to be a good one. Peace out stress!

<3 Sara

Monday, February 15, 2010

My weekend

I have to say I had an awesome weekend. Friday it SNOWED in CHARLESTON!!!!! I can't remember the last time it did that. Saturday mom and I went to our first Zumba class at church and it was AWESOME!!!! Then we went to party city, Petco, Tuesday Morning, Chik-fil-a and lowes. We had a good time spending some quality time together. She was nice enough to watch kodie for me that night too. I went to Angel's birthday party Sat night and wasn't sure if I would drink or if I didnt how the roads would be to travel home. But both were non existent. Meaning I did go home. But let me just say I had the BEST time at Angels birthday party. The group of people there were so fun. I have honestly not laughed that much in SO long. We had great food and played apples to apples and just socialized. I made some new friends which was exciting. Always can use some more awesome people in my life.

Sunday I went to church then costco with my parents. I always love that time! I had lunch at their house then headed to my sisters house to see my nieces and her of course. She ended up talking me into the Winterjam 2010 concert that WAYFM put on. It was alot of fun. The 2 pics below are from the concert. It was me, Shannon, Tony and their neighbors Shannon and Billy. I was a 5th wheel TECHNICALLY but I didnt feel like it. All in all a good valentines day. On a seperate note: At the concert I saw someone I used to be friends with. I really did not enjoy seeing this person AT ALL. Im just hoping I can have a forgiving heart and not let that EVER affect me again. I moved on after 5 mins but still I shouldnt let anyone affect me that way. Plus its just immature of me. But hey I am not perfect still working out the kinks haha

Today I am being SUPER lazy and blogging my butt off. Oh and I have watched 2 movies. The time travelers wife *awesome movie* and zombieland was OK! So I might go watch another movie since the weather just stinks and im lazy. I finally learned how to relax YAY!!!

<3 Sara

Day 4-NYC

So Day 4 was travel home day. We got up early and left for the airport. Our first flight to ATL was cancelled because the plane was broke. So we had an our wait for the next plane. It was cool leaving because the snow on the ground got thicker as we left the city. I was honestly surprised at how much snow covered the ground in certain areas. We got to ATL and then waited for our flight to Charlotte. We got to Charlotte around 6. and Then my fave part I got to go to IKEA!! Woo Love that store. We got to my parents house at 10 and I got home around 11. I was DEAD tired and So happy to see my little Kodie.

here are some pics I took just a few. YOu can only take so many cloud pictures.

<3 Sara

Day 3-NYC

I figured while im motivated I can do all the days of the trip.

Day 3 was SOOOOOOOO cold. It was like 17 degrees and 5 with the windchill. So we took a cab downtown to wall street. We saw the NY stock exchange it was a really pretty building. Then we walked to where the WTC towers were. It was just an erie (sp) feeling. Just to know what happened there almost 9 years ago. Was really sad for me. Then we walked up to China town I was NOT a fan of it. It was So cold and the stuff was just tacky and the people were annoying. I know that sounds horrible but guess what I do not want a fake designer handbag. lol We then took a cab to Greenwich Village which was cute. BUT again it was cold and only thing to do there is shop at expensive stores and eat. SO we took a cab uptown to Times Square had lunch, went in some stores etc. We went to the hotel and Krystal took a nap and I watched Tv. I know who does that in NYC! haha we do! But when she woke up we made a plan and went back to Times Square for some more fun. We went to Dave and Busters which was PACKED but we still had a lot of fun. We also went to Ripleys Believe it or not which as always is just WEIRD. There was a fun Hello Kitty store which I got the girls a Easter gift. I think they will love it. Then we went back to the hotel and started to pack.

Enjoy the pics! PS if I look cold I WAS!!!! haha

<3 Sara

Day 2- NYC

So I am finally posting about day 2 in New York City. I hope I remember everything but we shall see.

We woke up and walked to Rockefeller Center for the NBC studios tour. That was pretty cool but we couldn't take pictures. We saw the studios for Brian Williams, Dr. Oz, SNL and that was it. Still very cool though and Dr. Oz's studio was SO cold, its so the lights do blow up. true story haha After that we went to Top of the Rock which is rockefeller center. That was awesome! We saw the city from atop the ESB at night and top of the rock during the day. The views were just gorgeous I loved it and surprisingly wasn't scared of being that high. After that we took a cab uptown to do our shopping Dylans candy bar, the plaza, fao schwartz, saks, nordstrom, etc. We went to Serendipity 3 which is where we had the famous frozen hot chocolate SO yummy and expensive. Then we took a carriage through central park which was neat. SO cold and there was snow on the ground so it was really pretty. The rest of that afternoon was just shopping and walking. That night we ended up at a BBQ joint for dinner GO FIGURE haha then we walked to Grand Central Station. I didn't realize how many trains and people there would be or how big it would be. It was really neat and im glad I got to see it while there. We almost didn't go because we didn't think it would be a big deal. But it was cool then we headed back to the hotel because our feet were killing us.

thats pretty much Day 2. Enjoy the pics!

<3 Sara