Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

My co-worker and I at work today, we both dressed up. There wasn't a whole lot of people who participated BUT one group dressed up like workout people from the 80's and they had a guy be Richard Simmons. Classic!!! 
I love this costume! Next year I hope to find something just as awesome! 
My aunt and I took 2 walks today and seriously the trees looked so pretty! I love this time of year!! 

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! 

<3 Sara

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Salon time

I know every girl loves to go get her hair done and I am no exception. I am not a huge fan of the price BUT sometimes you just have to splurge, right? 

I went yesterday to Hipp Salon in West Ashley to get my hair done by Misty. I told her I wanted it to be lighter and she delivered. I also took about 2 inches off my hair and it feels so much healthier. I am surprised I took off that much because I have major anxiety about cutting my hair. I am not sure where this came from but over the last 3 or so years it has showed up. That is one of the reasons I love Misty. She will NOT cut my hair too much and that makes her amazing in my book! 
I love the color it really is very pretty! I secretly wish I could be blonde again BUT my hair couldn't handle the bleach so caramel highlights is how I can get close without hurting my hair. 

<3 Sara

Monday, October 27, 2014

Beautiful Sunday

Sunday started with a really good church service. It was all about the storm and trusting God before during and after. 

After church we went with the Newmans to eat lunch at Cookout then headed downtown to the aquarium. 

As always my favorite part, the sea turtle!! 

This shark looked like he was coming right for me! 

We went to hang out with my family then relaxed the rest of the day! 

Lots of fun to end the weekend! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloweenish party

Normally every year the weekend before Halloween my family throws a big party. 

This year they still did a party but more just a cajun boil/oyster roast than a Halloween party. Of course some people wore costumes so that was still fun! Dave was Jason, Alayna was a good witch, Logan was a ninja and I wore my pumpkin costume. 
My grammy was a cute lobster. It is very fitting since she grew up in Maine. 
Me and Jason ;) he had a knife that looked like it had blood on it too. 
Izzy and Alayna, they have so much fun together. Alayna says Izzy and Lola are her best friends, it's too cute!

All The kids had such a good time playing together and eating cupcakes and chips. Luckily before we left the house they had some actual dinner. 
Logan the ninja, he kept saying Ninja and moving so a good pic was near impossible. I had to get a pic though and this was the best I could get. He really liked his costume and the ninja swords he wore with it. 
Kimberly and Izzy
Dave was bench pressing the kids and they thought it was hilarious!! 
Izzy wearing a pirate mask Amanda had. 
My preggo cousin Amanda the pirate and me. She is wearing one of my old costumes from a few years back. Well actually like 8 years or more! 

Always a fun time when spent with my family and yummy food! We were exhausted though so we only stayed like 2 hours. The kids passed out as soon as we got in the car. It was a busy but very fun day! And today (Sunday) was another fun but slightly less busy day! 

<3 Sara

The Old Exchange Bldg

Saturday night at 6 we headed downtown to a Night at the Old Exchange building. My aunt Theresa paid for us to go and we really enjoyed it. I didn't know until we got there that Theresa and Uncle David were actually volunteering for the night. 
This is a very iconic building in Charleston sitting right where Broad Street and East Bay street intersect. 
We got to walk around talking to people who had stories to tell including George Washington and some pirates down in the dungeon. 
I loved getting to walk around and see the place, it's been many many years since I had that chance. 

We had a good time, I think we all agreed though the dungeon and the pirates were our favorites. Oh and they had a scavenger hunt for fun facts about the people we met. We won so Logan got an eye patch and Alayna got a spider ring. 

The sun setting was gorgeous as we were headed to James Island for a party! 

More on that later :) 

<3 Sara

Saturday, October 25, 2014

West Farm Corn Maze

Today we went to Moncks Corner to the West Farm Corn Maze to play with our friends and get us some pumpkins. This was our first time going to this farm and I personally liked it best out of all the ones in Charleston. Honestly the biggest part of that decision is the money, it was for sure cheaper! 

When we first got there it was all about this slide and climbing on huge tires. 

Then our friends got there we played some more then went to check out some of the animals. I for some reason thought the pig was pretty cool, Jesse and I watched him for a good 5 minutes. 

Then we were off for the hayride. It was pretty uneventful but relaxing and a pretty ride around the corn field. 

After the hayride we went to pick out our pumpkins and then we even got to paint them! I thought that was so cool only negative is some of the paint chipped off in the car. 

Dave and the kids rode the hayride again while I hung out with the rest of the group. 

Love spending time with my Newmans. We have been friends for 10 years minus a 1 year hiatus. 
We all played a little bit more then parted ways because the rest of our evenings will be quite busy! 
This is a before an after picture of the kids! Haha they wore themselves OUT!! It was a blast and definitely worth going to!!
One of the best parts of October is pumpkins!!! :) 

<3 Sara