Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful day

Sunday really was a pretty great day! The weather was so nice so we spent a good bit of time outside. 

Our day started with church which was great because our friend Heather came with us for the first time. I never asked if she enjoyed it but I hope she did. After church we all (me, Dave, kiddos, Ashley, Mike, Jesse and Heather) went to lunch at Hubee Dees. The food was pretty good and I enjoyed getting to spend some time with my friends. 
After lunch we went to my house and both my sisters ended up being there which is kinda rare these days for us all to be there at the same time. I enjoyed spending time with my family. I am also glad mom saved some of my toys and has added toys to the collection, the kids loved playing with everything. They really did behave very well. Speaking of good behavior their sunday school teacher said they were the most behaved out of the whole class. I know Dave loves hearing that, nobody wants their kids to behave badly. They really are good kids!! 

Since they had been so good all weekend we took them to "the beach" or really just Sunrise Park which has that tiny beach. 
They had a blast running all around and looking for shells to take home. 

Dave took this top picture then snapped a gazillion after and I actually liked the one below. Thats me laughing at him because he is so silly. 
We left, went to Target then back to the house to relax until their mom came. I made meatloaf for dinner and they all tore it up. Logan told me it was his most favorite meal ever. So I guess I will make that one again especially if the kids are over. 
While eating I asked Alayna what her favorite part of the weekend was. She said THE BEACH!! So needless to sat I think they had a great weekend! 

I was just thankful to finally feel better after a whole week of being sick. We did have a great weekend though and today since theres no work I have no clue BUT i am going to the gym since that hasn't happened in a few days!! 

<3 Sara

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