Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloweenish party

Normally every year the weekend before Halloween my family throws a big party. 

This year they still did a party but more just a cajun boil/oyster roast than a Halloween party. Of course some people wore costumes so that was still fun! Dave was Jason, Alayna was a good witch, Logan was a ninja and I wore my pumpkin costume. 
My grammy was a cute lobster. It is very fitting since she grew up in Maine. 
Me and Jason ;) he had a knife that looked like it had blood on it too. 
Izzy and Alayna, they have so much fun together. Alayna says Izzy and Lola are her best friends, it's too cute!

All The kids had such a good time playing together and eating cupcakes and chips. Luckily before we left the house they had some actual dinner. 
Logan the ninja, he kept saying Ninja and moving so a good pic was near impossible. I had to get a pic though and this was the best I could get. He really liked his costume and the ninja swords he wore with it. 
Kimberly and Izzy
Dave was bench pressing the kids and they thought it was hilarious!! 
Izzy wearing a pirate mask Amanda had. 
My preggo cousin Amanda the pirate and me. She is wearing one of my old costumes from a few years back. Well actually like 8 years or more! 

Always a fun time when spent with my family and yummy food! We were exhausted though so we only stayed like 2 hours. The kids passed out as soon as we got in the car. It was a busy but very fun day! And today (Sunday) was another fun but slightly less busy day! 

<3 Sara

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