Monday, October 20, 2014

Race for the Cure 2014

Another Race for the Cure in the books, my third to be exact, Dave's first. 

Friday night we did the annual party for the cure where we ate yummy food, met our team, got our shirts and had our plan for Saturday morning discussed. The people are so nice so I always enjoy these parties even though there's always a bunch of people I am meeting for the first time. 
We had a great time and let's just say the cupcakes with cream cheese filling were devoured. They were amazing!!!! After the party Dave and I watched more Walking Dead then it was off to bed. 

Saturday morning the alarm went off at 6.... Hated waking up that early on a weekend. We got all dressed up and headed to Daniel Island to meet the group. 
I finally got myself a tutu this year and I loved it. It just brightened up my entire outfit which I was happy about.

We had quite a group this year with lots of kiddos. This might be the last year doing it as an organized group so we went out with a BIG group! 
Nor and myself, she puts all the work in to getting the group together. We are the Wanda Warriors in honor of her mom Ms. Wanda! 
Dave and I were pretty much on our own most of the time which was fine. We wanted to walk around to all the vendors for our free stuff like koozies and pink shoelaces. We did 2 photo booths which were so fun and we loved getting to see how everyone dressed up! 

We met back up with everyone to start the race together. We ended up leaving most of the group mainly because we just walk faster and they had some strollers slowing them down. We walked with my friend Veronica for a good mile then walked with a few of our teammates the last mile. 
We waited at the end and crossed the finish line as a group!! 
I don't know why but I love this pic of Dave. This was us finishing the race, loved the balloon archway at the end. 

The 3 pictures below I found online and they are out of order. 
This was one of him and I that a company took and posted to their fb. 
This one company took hundreds of photos and I actually found us in two photos! We are in the middle left of the pic below! 
No clue if we will do it next year but I can definitely say we had fun this year and I am glad Dave joined me! 

<3 Sara

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