Friday, October 24, 2014

Friends are good for the soul

This week has found me a wee bit more stressed than normal. The gym of course helps and my wednesday night bible study is pretty good for the soul as well. However there really is something about a relaxing evening spent with friends. 

Dave and I went over to Ashley and Mikes last night to spend some quality time with them and have dinner. The minute we pulled up I just knew we had to go for a walk, the weather was perfect. Luckily everyone was down for it and we walked 2.16miles which was pretty darn good for a last minute thing. 
We chatted, saw some ducks and some cats, viewed some Halloween decor but best of all laughed and chatted with friends. 
 Dave pushed Jesse super fast every now and then towards the end in his stroller and Jesse LOVED every second of it. 
We got back after almost an hour to start with dinner. Mike did brats and Ashley made some fries and we may have had some wine while talking and waiting on dinner. 
How cute is this wine glass?? Love it! 
We also may have had some brownies and ice cream after! :) all in all a GREAT evening!! 

It may have been the wine or just being so relaxed last night but I slept amazing!! I only woke up one time where normally I wake up like 4 or 5! So that definitely helped my friday start wonderfully!! 

Happy Weekend everyone!! We have a lot planned and I am definitely looking forward to it all. 

<3 Sara

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